Tips to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

“Prevention is better than cure”  

It is possible to reverse diabetes naturally in certain conditions. Diabetes can be genetic as well as a lifestyle disease.  Pre diabetic conditions are due to genetics the major reason for aggravation is food and other lifestyle habits. A holistic approach is necessary as it is not just a matter of elevated blood sugar. Only the symptoms are getting treated in modern medicine. “Prevention is better than cure”

Diabetes Affects Multiple Functions 

Diabetes is a condition that involves multiple systems in the body. Any disruption of function in a single system may cause problems in other related systems. In the case of diabetes, the problem is not only with the endocrine system which releases hormones but also with digestive processes like absorption and retention of the nutrients.

 How It Is Possible to Reverse Diabetes

Treatment for diabetes is an ongoing process. You can reverse diabetes naturally based on the type and intensity of damage to the body. Also when we talk of diabetes it is type 2 which occurs due to poor lifestyle habits.  However, type 1 diabetes can be kept under control with a strict diet plan. With type 2 diabetes it may seem that it is under control with medication. But any time the blood sugar level can shoot up to dangerous levels. It is not enough to keep your blood glucose under control.  It is necessary to heal the entire system to cure diabetes from within. 

Reverse diabetes with diet

Low-Calorie Diet: 

This is nothing new to diabetic patients.  But be sure to carefully read the labels as many of the packed foods available in the market are deceiving.  It is always good that you prepare your food at home with organic ingredients. Porridge made with wild rice, brown rice and quinoa are not only delicious but also very healthy and give essential nutrients.

Low Fat:  

Do not cut your fat intake. Pay attention to what type of fat you take. Remove all the saturated fats especially animal fats like ghee butter, fatty meat, etc.  Use plant oils in a restricted amount. Take an omega 3 supplement to compensate for good fat.

Diabetic Super Food Which Aids to Reverse Diabetes

Nuts and seeds: these are good sources of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Include them in your regular diet.

If you are not already on an exercise routine it is high time to start now.  Workouts help send oxygen to the cells of the body and replenish the tissues and organs and make them work efficiently.  It helps in weight loss.

Yoga and Meditation

Stress is one of the major reasons for developing diabetes as it affects hormonal functions in the body. Reduce stress by doing yoga and meditation regularly.

Following a correct diet program and implementing a strict exercise schedule is the key to reversing diabetes naturally.