It is rather hard to lead an active lifestyle when you have work piled up at your desk. Things can become even more tiring when you are a diabetic and find no means to move around your office. A sedentary day at work not only spikes your glucose level but also paves way for chronic diseases and unwanted weight gain. So, we’ve clubbed 5 simple workplace exercises that can keep you active even when you are on a frantic schedule.

1. Skip the Elevator

Skip the Elevator

The workforce of today is so tempted towards getting on an elevator that they are ready to spend hours waiting for one rather than taking the stairs. Your workplace exercise starts with this simple routine that can do a lot for your overall health, especially when you are diabetic. It improves your metabolism and promotes insulin secretion to keep the glucose levels in control.

2. Move Around

Be it grabbing your lunch or meeting a friend, walk as much as you can while you are at the office. There are days when we hardly find time to get up and move around but keep a reminder that tells how long you’ve been stuck to the chair. You can also have a sticky note on your desk that’ll nudge you to make a move.

3. Perform Stretches/ Desk Exercises

Perform Stretches

Simple circular movements of your arms, wrists, and ankles promote good blood circulation which is very important when you have diabetes. This can save you from the risks of fatal blood clots. Similarly, raise your legs to a holding position for 20 seconds before relaxing. This again aids in uniform blood flow and keeps blood pressure levels in control. Chair squats and desk push-ups are other routines that are beneficial.

4. Conduct an Everyday Activity

We know it’s absolutely impossible to conduct health activities on a daily basis. But, you can very well spare 10 mins in the 9-hour work schedule for your good, right? Educate your friends about the importance of workplace exercises, form a group, and volunteer to be the instructor for the day. Apart from being a fun activity, it is a great way to burn calories.

5. Request for a Standing Desk

Request for a Standing Desk

A standing desk lets you stand while you work! While it is up to your office space and management to offer you one, you can always go for a stability ball. This is another means of enabling your body to burn calories rather than being chained to the chair.

Diabetes is a condition of high glucose levels and isn’t a disease. When the levels are kept in control, your body faces absolutely no threat. So, skip the sedentary lifestyle, consume a balanced diet, and make it a point to stay as active as possible even at your workspace.