26% (972 million approx.)of the world’s population suffers from hypertension. It affects the circulatory system, destroying the entire human body. Patients often discover it through routine checkups or when the body parts affected begin to exhibit symptoms.

High BP and Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is a topic that has developed in recent times. Thus, most patients are unaware of the effects of High BP on an emotional and mental quotient.

Mental wellness can be affected due to many reasons, such as trauma experienced 

during a difficult phase of life, during/after recovery from surgery, and emotional/physical violence.

Hypertension, as such, doesn’t have specific symptoms. Once it’s identified, patients find it hard to keep it under control, leading to irreversible brain damage. 

This can be the reason behind mental problems. Usually, it’s difficult to attribute mental problems to blood pressure. Many times an overlooked symptom leads to life-threatening conditions or chronic health issues. It’s advisable to get blood pressure checked at appropriate intervals and seek medical help at the earliest to avoid further complications.

Human Brain

Patients fall prey to the effects after going through prolonged periods of uncontrolled blood pressure and disregard minor symptoms. Common damages are

  • Brain stroke
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Constant stress
  • Dementia
  • TIA-Transient Ischemic Attack 
  • Lower cognitive skills

 Mental Signs

Individuals whose mental wellness is affected due to High BP often experience 

  1. Dizziness -Skipping breakfast may not be the only reason for feeling dizzy.
  2. Personality Changes – The individual’s family and friends can notice sudden changes in personality and behavior, which can get severe over time.
  3. Impaired Thinking – Apart from common forgetfulness, which starts from 45 years, patients often tend to get lost without even knowing they are lost. Individuals may find it difficult to comprehend or communicate in a language well known to them all of a sudden, and their problem-solving ability can reduce dramatically.
  4. Tampered Decision-making Abilities – Humans make thousands of decisions consciously and unconsciously. The inability to do that at the usual pace will affect life drastically.
  5. Slower Analytical and Evaluating Skills – Analyzing information and evaluating them to form meaningful conclusions are highly desirable in a work environment. Blood pressure can lead to poor productivity.
  6.  Memory Loss – Individuals lose fond memories of their lives due to mental illness, making them feel purposeless, causing negativity and a pessimistic self-image. This can be prevented by early diagnosis and having a check on BP levels.


It’s essential to understand the difficulties and humiliation faced by individuals who have mental illness and adjust to their needs to help them fight their battle by keeping their blood pressure under control. Family and friends should keep a constant track of patients’ symptoms and provide emotional support.


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