In the recent years, matcha powder has become a superfood. Matcha is the number one food recommended for a detox or any kind of diet. Its benefits are no longer hidden and many have testified it to work wonders, the most common one is of course that it is an excellent anti-oxidant. That word can be quite deceiving because nobody wants to age! But there is a lot that goes behind this powerful food. The fine powder has a beautiful color that is enough to make you crave it, the very look of it is healthy, nourishing and exotic.

The process of it is really fascinating so that’s what we are going to be dwelling in this one. Matcha is a Japanese word and is powdered green tea leaves.

  • The green tea is protected and growth in the shade before harvest, the lack of sunlight make the leaves dark green and slows down its growth but surges the chlorophyll level. This is done for up to twenty days for the harvest.
  • Soon after they are picked, the leaves undergo a steaming process to retain its color, fragrance and from being oxidized.
  • Normally, tea leaves are twisted or rolled for drying but for matcha, the leaves are kept as it is, but before they are completely stripped off their moisture, the leaves go through a machine which separates the stem and veins from the main part of the leaf. The remains of it are called Tencha, which is the principal substance for Matcha powder.



Matcha’s incredible detoxifying effect comes from the chlorophyll, having the ability to remove toxins and metals from the body. In addition to that, the Catechin present in chlorophyll makes it an anti-oxidant.

It also produces Theanine, an amino acid and caffeine as a result. Matcha tea is said to have five times more amino acids than other teas, which is responsible for its sweet taste. This tea may contain more caffeine than other teas, but it is the right amount that will activate your brain cells and pump you up! The tea will both calm your stress and keep your brain active-superrrfood indeed!

Along with the powder you may want to buy a cute little bamboo tea whisk which is traditionally used in Japan to make a soothing cup of Matcha Green tea. Whisking it in a cup of warm water swiftly will make it frothy on the top, since the powder is very fine, the whisk which has minute strings that help blend it. Slurpppp.

soothing cup of Matcha Green tea

cup of warm water swiftly

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