Translated Black Salt in English, it is a variety of rock salt. It has a pungent smell but has an acquired taste. Indians use it in chatt, raita, and some dals. Unlike table salt, it is not strong or inedible as a condiment; black salt is quite a flavourful. It is found in the Himalayas. The rocks of black salt are brown or dark violent and when its ground it becomes a pale pink. Although the name says black, the salt itself is not black in color.

black salt
black salt


It is widely used in many ayurvedic treatments and medicines for its awe-inspiring ability to cure a number of illnesses. While many healthy foods show an effect only after a prolonged period of in take, sometimes we need quick fixes because sickness is inevitable.

Here are some very common problems which can be fixed by kala namak.

1. Nausea

Heat a tablespoon of ajwain and powder them, mix it with a tablespoon of black salt. Add a pinch or two of this mixture with warm water or without it.

This is only a quick fix and not to be consumed regularly.

2. Heartburn

The salt reduces acid refluxes and will balance out the acid formation in the stomach, this will cure your heartburn in no time. Unlike sea salt, the black salt still has its minerals and the alkaline nature of it helps it balance the acid.

Take a pinch or two raw or add it to buttermilk to be relieved.

3. Cleansing

If you’ve clogged pores or have been victim to the harsh pollution, take a spoon of black salt make a paste with a few drops of water or your facial cleanser and scrub your face. It will leave it clean and glowing.

4. Joint Pain

Take a small cup of black salt and place it in a cloth, dry heat it and use as a compress on the affected area. You will see an immediate effect.