Space Out Meals To Fight Stroke, Heart Attack, Cancer Relapse
It is lot said that fasting for short periods (no longer than 24 hours) is good for you. If you fast frequently you have less chance of a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

What’s happening here is that fasting gives your body a rest. A rest so that it can do one of its most vital jobs: DNA repair and keeping cells young and resistant to disease. Well, the latest facts says fasting can do even more favours than that.

woman fasting

For women with breast cancer, fasting overnight (for 13 hours) can lower the risk of their cancer returning by one third. It controls to blood sugar level. A US study shows that women who went fasting for shorter periods than 13 hours, usually because they ate into the evening, increased the risk of their cancer returning by 36% and they were 21% more likely to die from the disease.
Leaving only short breaks from food was linked to poor sleep and higher blood sugar levels. The link is that high blood sugar and bad sleep have both been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. And eating late at night setting up a shorter overnight fast causes poor blood sugar control.
This means that fasting overnight could be a simple way of lessening the risk of cancer coming back. Researches on mice found prolonged fasting during sleep can protect them against high blood sugar, inflammation and weight gain -all associated with poor cancer outcomes.
The researchers recommended avoiding a late dinner or early breakfast could help stop other cancers returning too.

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