We like our fried eggs cushy and somewhat runny, but, are these really safe for consumption? You might be surprised to find that your intestine could be prone to acquiring a bacterial infection called salmonella every time you eat under-cooked eggs.

Crude or half-cooked eggs debased with salmonella represent a high danger of sickness with symptoms such as headache, fever, vomit, and loose motions. The case can worsen for people with low immunity. Especially, this disease poses greater risks for pregnant women.

How to save yourself from salmonellosis?

Cook eggs to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of the bacteria or the simplest way to feel safe is to cook the eggs until they aren’t runny. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are other approaches to decrease the danger of bacterial infection from eating eggs, despite the fact that the main point is still to cook them completely.
Ensure your eggs are free of dirt and have been kept in the ice chest of your fridge. Verify that the shells don’t have splits and that you use clean utensils while dealing with the eggs. Salmonella microscopic organisms can live on both within and outside of eggs.

Additionally, it’s ideal to eat eggs soon after cooking them. Microscopic organisms can duplicate if eggs sit at room temperature for a really long time.

Raw eggs can cause miscarriage

Did you know that consuming raw eggs can cause premature birth or miscarriage in pregnant women? In general, pregnant women have less immunity compared to others and this is how salmonella can easily get into the body causing uterine cramps or miscarriage.
Similarly, it is also safe to avoid foods and desserts that contain a mix of uncooked eggs. For instance, home-made mayonnaise is one such food that needs to be omitted during pregnancy.

Avoid raw eggs if your digestion is weak

For ages, the world has educated with the fact that body builders and boxers have grown super-healthy by consuming raw eggs. While this is partially true, the presence of bacteria such as salmonella makes us wonder if it is actually safe. Moreover, raw eggs aren’t going to help you a great deal with nutrition if you are prone to digestive problems.

Whatever be the reason that you are consuming raw eggs, it is time you swap it with scrambled or fully-cooked ones for all the reasons mentioned above.

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