Yoga is a great form of exercise that requires no special equipment or a special place. If you are wondering what benefits yoga could give you, read further to know how yoga benefits our body. Yoga posture or asanas all together is a key to tone your body and muscles. Practicing yoga regularly carries humongous benefits to the human body. But let’s stick to a particular problem for which yoga helps to a great extent in improving the condition and keeping the body healthy & strong.

Yes, let’s take a look at how yoga helps in improving the condition of diabetes. Although diabetes has no cure, you can take steps to manage the condition and stay healthy. Since diabetes is occurring due to a high rise in blood glucose or blood sugar, yoga or exercises focus on bringing the high sugar level down through certain postures and breathing activities. These six prime asanas and meditation techniques will help to decrease the elevated blood sugar levels and keep you healthy.

1. Suryanamaskar

This sun salutation asana generally comprises 12 poses which involve the movement of the whole body. And it’s proven that each set helps in burning 14 calories. Practicing this asana regularly will improve blood circulation and the functioning of the pancreas. When increasing the blood flow to the pancreas, the cells rejuvenate and improve the organ’s ability to produce insulin.

2. Ardha matsyendrasana

Popularly known as half lord of the fishes pose. This asana is done by twisting the body while seated. This twisting technique will strengthen the spine and abdomen. And importantly this posture soothes the liver and increases insulin secretion which helps in regulating sugar levels in the blood.

3. Trikonasana

This fat-burning asana is also called triangle pose and is best for obesity and indigestion problems. Trikonasana focuses on stomach and waist areas, hence practicing it regularly will help you reduce your weight naturally and solves indigestion issues. When obesity is considered a reason for diabetes, this asana is a great solution.

4. Pashimottanasana

Paschimottanasana is known as the seated forward bend pose is considered a powerful yoga pose. As this asana involves intense stretching, where your entire body from hamstrings, back, arms to leg muscles stretch out to stimulate the functioning of the pancreas and kidneys to control diabetes. This way Paschimottanasana improves digestion, increases appetite, controls weight and keeps a check on diabetes.

5. Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati is a breathing asana called as the skull shining breathing technique is highly effective for pre-diabetic conditions. This breathing technique improves the function and strength of the pancreas. When the pancreas functions properly it maintains proper regeneration of beta cells which induces proper amounts of insulin in the body. When this process happens smoothly diabetes patients are free from the intake of insulin every day and pre-diabetes patients have high chances of preventing diabetes.

6. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana called the cobra pose is a traditionally followed asana for diabetes. If you have been to the gym for quite a time you would have heard about working on core muscles for better balance and stability. Bhujangasana involves deep backbend postures that put proper work on the core muscles, opens up lungs and chest to improve the metabolism of the body.

From all the sources you know, you would have been taught that diabetes cannot be cured. Yet, practicing yoga regularly will either prevent diabetes from occurring or controls blood sugar levels in the body. From reading the blog you would have noticed that insulin secretion within the body plays a significant role in diabetes. Hence these yoga asanas surely help in controlling diabetes (by stimulating proper secretion of insulin) to an extent that you may not need medication, but it cannot help in curing which even medicines cannot.