Nutmeg is not a nut; it’s a seed of a plant called Myristica fragrans. This plant is native to Indonesia and south India. It has been a spice in Asia for centuries. This spice offers a lot of health benefits and nutritional values. Intake of nutmeg improves overall health because of its antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive properties.

Nutritional value:

Nutmeg is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese and copper; and vitamins such as B1, B6, etc. These minerals and vitamins are essential for ideal well being as they help in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.

Usage information:

Nutmeg has a long list of benefits but it should never be consumed in large amounts. Recommended usage of nutmeg is a pinch or two.
Consuming too much nutmeg can result in headaches, dizziness, memory disturbance, and vomiting. During pregnancy excess consumption can even cause miscarriage.

Wonders it does to your body are…..

Helps to treat involuntary urination

Involuntary urination is a condition occurring due to the loss of bladder control. This problem is mostly seen in older people. Nutmeg helps to improve this condition slowly. Nutmeg powder with a glass of water should be taken twice a day. Note that, ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg powder should only be used.

Helps to fight acne

Nutmegs have an antifungal and antibacterial property which makes them a special ingredient in treating skin problems. It is believed that nutmeg also has an anti ageing property that helps to enhance the appearance of the skin.
 Nutmeg works brilliantly for treating acne. It’s always the after-effects of acne like scars, visible pores, inflammation or redness that stresses you a lot. Nutmeg can help greatly in this case. You can apply a nutmeg mask prepared by mixing nutmeg powder with water, honey or rosewater. You can also add sandalwood or turmeric powder with nutmeg. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and wash your face. You will start seeing changes in a few weeks.

Treats sleeplessness

Nutmegs naturally have a sedative property which helps to induce sleep. Intake of nutmeg will aid in curing sleep disorders and provides sound sleep. Now curing insomnia without sleeping pills and chemicals is possible. You can take warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg powder before going to bed.
Having said that nutmeg has a sedative property it’s important to limit the dosage. Excessive use of nutmeg can lead to hallucination and mental problems. Too much of nutmeg can be fatal too.

Remediate digestion

Nutmeg does not directly activate digestion. It helps to reduce the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal caused by eating foods that are difficult to digest. Also, it helps to treat stomach ulcers. You can have nutmeg with breakfast cereals or with milk.

Treats diabetes

There is no medical evidence that nutmegs cure diabetes. But their medicinal properties can reduce symptoms of diabetes. Nutmeg helps in lowering blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity in the body to optimise the breakdown of glucose. This antidiabetic property of nutmeg relieves symptoms of diabetes.

Ways to add nutmeg in your diet…


The simplest way to enjoy the benefits of nutmeg is to add a pinch of nutmeg to warm milk and take it at night.
You can add nutmeg to all dairy recipes to flavor your food.
You can sprinkle grated nutmeg on roasted potatoes, steamed cabbages, soups and smoothies.
Always remember it’s just a pinch of nutmeg and not more. That’s enough to do the magic.