You might wonder what effects male hormones would have on women’s health. Testosterone are a class of male hormones called androgen. But women also have this hormone which is produced by ovaries along with female hormones called estrogen. The amount of this hormone released in the bloodstream of women is relatively lesser than men. These hormones are responsible for the growth, maintenance, and repair of reproductive tissues. The fluctuation in the level of these hormones in the bloodstream puts forth different effects on the body.

Hormones are chemical substances in your body that are responsible for delivering messages to organs and tissues about how and when to work. When your body faces hormonal imbalance, the orderly metabolism of your body is affected. So maintaining the hormone levels properly is important to regulate your body. Know the testosterone levels:

In men around 280-1,100 (ng/dL) is considered as normal.

In women it is 15-70 (ng/dL).

When women secrete low or high testosterone than the above-mentioned level they may experience certain difficulties in overall health and changes in physical appearance.

How to know that you have high testosterone?

Women face health issues due to various reasons. But the primary reason we hear is a hormonal imbalance. So talking about testosterone, get to know the symptoms that show that you don’t have the correct level of hormone. Women facing the following symptoms might have high testosterone:

  • Acne
  • Deepening of voice
  • Excess hair growth on face and body
  • Irregular periods
  • Increased muscle mass

What causes high testosterone in women?


Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that’s affecting 8 to 20 percent of women worldwide. PCOS has become a common health condition among women of reproductive age. PCOS is responsible for secreting an extra amount of testosterone because this condition occurs when hormones from pituitary glands or insulin from the pancreas are too high and making the ovaries secrete extra testosterone. If the level of testosterone secretion is very high it may even cause infertility and obesity in women.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

CAH is an inherited genetic disorder. It affects the production of hormones and causes adrenal problems. CAH leads to an over production of androgen. Androgen is the key hormone in kick starting puberty and regulating reproductive organs, so excess or deficient secretion of androgen is a problem. Excess androgen causes acne, Hirsutism ( growth of unwanted hair ), balding.

How can you treat high testosterone?

Generally, hormonal imbalance must be treated with medicine along with changes in lifestyle.

When your body meets symptoms of high testosterone, taking medicines on your own is never advisable. Visiting your doctor or a gynecologist must be your priority because medication too must be provided after studying the cause of high testosterone. Always an extra step from your side is helpful in neutralizing the hormone imbalance. Bringing certain changes in your lifestyle will help you cope with these health problems.

Foods that you can add extra to your diet:

Soy foods: Soy is rich in phytoestrogen. Consuming soy foods will increase estrogen in the body and decrease testosterone levels.

Mint: Especially, spearmint and peppermint.


They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. From studies, it is proved that omega -3 fatty acids help in reducing testosterone.


Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats which help in reducing testosterone levels.

Following a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Engaging in physical activities or exercises has a great impact on optimizing hormonal health. A sedentary lifestyle is the primary constituent in hormonal imbalance, so involving in physical activities daily is important. Choose your style of activity like aerobics, walking, involving in a sport, or yoga.
  2. Always try to consume healthy fats and avoid trans fats in your meal.
  3. Include green tea instead of caffeine in your routine. This metabolism-boosting drink can do wonders to your body.
  4. Try to cut back on sugary foods, rather add more fiber-rich foods. At least you can stay away from overweight or appetite problems
  5. Last but not least, make sure your body gets high-quality sleep. Lack of sleep will affect your body which you cannot compensate with workouts or healthy diets.

So women, maintaining a proper balance of hormones will help you stay away from heart diseases, obesity, and other health problems. And you can run behind your dreams not worrying about your health!