Do you believe that smart devices can make you unhappy? Our smartphones/devices can connect us electronically at the same time it disconnects our personal connections. One psychological research by the University of Virginia stated that smartphones can give a chilling effect on human relationships.

Our Smartphones play a vital role in our lives but carrying a small digital mobile or any digital device can promote depression, anxiety, stress, and even make you feel tired because you will use it for several hours.


As reported by a 2017 survey by the Pew Research Center, 77 % of adults in the United States own smartphones. According to research published in November 2017 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, spending several hours using a smartphone allows you to avoid face-to-face social interaction.


One study shows where researchers observed more than 300 people who shared a meal at a restaurant with family and friends. These participants were asked to keep their smartphones with them either they can put them away or place them on the table. Researchers mentioned that “When phones were present (versus absent), participants felt more distracted, which reduced how much they enjoyed spending time with their friends/family.”


Here Is Why Our Smart Devices Are Making Us Miserable


At present, young Americans are experiencing levels of anxiety, stress, depression, and related conditions higher than earlier.


Make You Feel Tired


Do you use smartphones when you are in bed? More than 60 percent of 18-29 years old people use mobile phones to bed. 25 % of adults say they are not getting enough sleep due to smart devices.


People like to use mobile phones before bed, check social media, or text their loved ones, or friends at midnight, even play online games but these practices are harmful, and using phones at night is one of the reasons why you can’t sleep.


Studies state that two hours of using smartphones can suppress melatonin that may make us alert just before bed. This makes you feel tired, which means your phone makes you feel unhappy the next day.


Increase Stress


If you have access to your work emails on your phone may decrease your focus that leads to depression. Did you know? 60 % of people express that even taking a traditional vacation cannot help relieve stress.


Make You Depressed


Depression can be caused in many ways, one of them is using smartphones. If you use mobile means you are connected to the internet. If you aren’t able to access social media can encourage you to spend many hours once you get your mobile on hand.


Make You Anxious


Do you like to scroll down your Instagram and Facebook home pages? Then you should stop doing that at midnight. You may have the habit of using smartphones to stay connected with friends or even play games. But you should understand that overuse of mobile phones can affect your psychic health and you may feel more isolated when you are alone.

Studies show a strong relationship between addiction to smartphones and social anxiety. Studies also prove that anxiety can increase when people see smart devices but cannot access them.


Next time when you go for a family get together, leave your smartphone at home, spend a good time with your family members. You should take a break from those social media and playing online games that may help decrease psychological health problems.