How long will the quarantine last? This is the question which is currently on everybody’s mind and there is no answer to it. We are staying away from our family, friends, favorite people, we are avoiding our favorite places and this pandemic has drained usemotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

We are already longing for this quarantine to end. But scientists and researchers say that we may have to live in this lockdown for a year or more. A vaccine is the only solution to this outbreak.

Ain’t no Child’s Play

Quarantine is the only way to control this outbreak, we are in this situation because public health authorities believe that this lockdown will control the pandemic. If this is not followed, many more will be affected and the hospitals are already running short of medical supplies, beds, and other supplies.

We are currently dealing with this emerging global pandemic and we will always be two steps behind this. Because the sad truth is that it will keep on affecting people until the scientists find a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

 Adam Kucharski, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and author of the famous book The Rules of Contagion on how outbreaks spread says “I think this idea… that if you close schools and shut restaurants for a couple of weeks, you solve the problem and get back to normal life – that’s not what’s going to happen”. He also adds that “The main message that isn’t getting across to a lot of people is just how long we might be in this for”.

Stay Calm Stay Home!

So all we need to do for now is to stay calm and stay home. The doctors and scientists are doing their job to find a vaccine. We can help them by preventing the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.