Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis

Before you head to the doctor when you’re suffering from the pink eye (the common household name for conjunctivitis), you should try a few home remedies that have been used in the past before the modern day drugs were available.

  • Hot or cold compress

Usually cold compresses are applied to the eyes as they offer comfort in the form of cooling and reduce swelling.

Hot compresses might not sound appealing but they are perfect to get rid of bacteria and discharge, especially for bacterial and viral conjunctivitis.

  • Eye wash

Wash eyes at regular intervals, taking great care to wipe off all the discharge from the eyes.

You can even use herbal water that is water that had a mug full of chrysanthemums and chamomile that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to get eye infections to disappear quickly. You can even use a solution of boiled water and salt to clean your eyes.

  • Honey

Honey is a gift from nature and god. It is naturally blessed with anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties. Honey is said to do wonder to eye infections and diseases.

Simply apply it directly to the eyes and see the difference in a few days. It works in the way an anti-biotic would. You can even mix honey with milk and apply the mixture as a compress on the eyes.

  • Tea

Tea is known to fight viral and bacterial infections. Simply apply a warm tea bag that has been soaked in hot water.

Allow it to cool a bit before you apply it to your eyes, You  need not strain off all the water off the bag, the liquid tea is actually good for all that swelling and inflammation.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics are very essential for the body. As a matter of fact, we should include some probiotic item in our daily diet. The role that probiotics play is that they are the good bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria.

As weird as it sounds, breast milk is a wonderful way to get rid of your eye infection. If there is no one around that breast feeds their baby then you can try raw cows or goats milk. And if you have none of the above, then you can apply yogurt.

Don’t forget to take lots of rest, along with drinking lots of water to be free of eye disease.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf