A lot of men and women cheat on their partners. We all have certain thoughts and mindset about fidelity. Most partners find out about their partners cheating on them after the crime has been committed.

9 Interesting facts to know about infidelity

Let’s understand some interesting facts about infidelity:

  • People cheat with people they already know

It is not necessary for your man to pick up women at the bar for him to have an extra-marital affair.

Research has shown that affairs are most common among people who are known to the person.

So if you haven’t been giving enough attention to your spouse, he may have turned to his colleague or your neighbor to vent out his feelings and landed up having an unexpected affair.

  • Affairs don’t start because of unhappiness

Most people don’t start affairs because they are unhappy with their existing relationships.

It is a commonly mistaken fact that only those people stray that are unhappy with their partners. They might be perfectly happy in their married life except for some minor constrains.

There might be something missing in the marriage such as romance or expressing feelings etc… The person who enters into the extra-marital affair doesn’t feel comfortable to bring up these issues with their better half either in silent suffering or because he or she doesn’t want disagreements to arise and ruin the harmony they have at present.

  • People who cheat get friskier with their partners

If your partner has suddenly started showing an interest in sex, then be alert. It could be that his or her sex drive has been charged or woken up, while yours is still dormant.

  • People who cheat often feel terrible after the incident

We might think that men or women who don’t cheat have no morals. But according to research, people who cheat tend to feel like shit after the affair. While they carry out the affair, the extent to which they are going doesn’t strike them because they act in the heat of the moment.

But once they start thinking about the issue after it’s over with, they feel terrible about breaking the trust of the person that has put their faith in them and loves them. The breach of trust always hangs over their head and makes them feel guilty of what wrong they did.

  • The cheating never ends

It is wrong to accuse a person of infidelity for a lifetime. Once a person is cheating, he does not always have to be a cheat for life.

Sometimes it only takes an affair to make a couple wake up and realize the problems that they are having in their relationship and give it the help it needs to stay together.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the mindset of the couple and their resolution to stick together and make it work.

  • Both men and women equally cheat

Most of us have the wrong notion that only men cheat on their wives. But the fact is that women also equally land up having affairs despite being married.

Research has proved that women cheat for emotional satisfaction whereas men do it more for the physical need.

  • Infidelity cannot be blamed on the better half

Most people who get cheated by their husbands or wives get into the mindset that because of the inadequacies in them, their partner got involved with another person.

But let me tell you one thing. It is not your fault that your husband or wife cheated on you. It is their fault. They could not remain committed to you and maintain that trust. They made a conscious decision to go behind your back and get into an extra-marital affair.

  • The cheat will miss the affair even if things get resolved

You guys might have solved the issues between yourselves. But there are something’s that are inevitable once a breach has been made. A person might be trying to get back his foothold on the marriage and yet he or she might miss the sex or even the lack of responsibility that they enjoyed in their affairs.

  • Partners of the cheaters learn of the cheating sooner than they admit

Both men and women usually suspect an affair way before they bring it out in the open. Sometimes it’s because they can’t deal with the breach of trust in the relationship that makes them want to delay bringing to the notice of their partners.

Prevention is the best way to keep your partner away from an affair. So enjoy your couple time at least once a week. Even if you are too busy with work or the kids, spare some time for each other to just cuddle or even discuss the events of the day and their feelings.

Trust me a simple cuddle every night under the sheets can do wonders for a relationship in the long run.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf