What is Ajwain?

Ajwain is a seed. It’s a spice. It’s is called carom seeds in English and also as Bishop’s weed. It is widely used to treat gastro intestinal health conditions. It is one of the most important spices in herbal medicine. Ajwain is a handy home remedy for many digestive issues.

Ajwain For Digestive Health

Eating raw ajwain seeds cures stomach pain due to flatulence. Ajwain contains a chemical compound called Tahimol which is very effective in curing digestive health issues.

It helps in the production of gastric juices. It aids in the digestion process. It cures colic pain in children. It helps to regulate acid reflux. It alleviates acidity. Take ajwain seeds with warm water to treat acidity.
It has anti inflammatory properties which are helpful during pregnancy. It curbs digestive disorders. It strengthens uterine muscles and enhances breast milk production.

Purifies Blood

Ajwain is a natural blood purifier. Take raw seeds with warm water everyday. It will make your skin glow.  It remove free radicals from the body. Ajwain has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to heal wounds and post operational conditions.

Weight Loss with Ajwain

Ajwain helps largely as a weight loss home remedy. Take warm water infused with ajwain mixed with honey. Take on empty stomach for shedding excess weight. It also limits weight gain after weight loss.


The fibre content and chemical compounds in ajwain help to alleviate constipation. The researches reveal that it has aphrodisiac properties. Hence, helps to maintain good sexual health both in men and women. Thymol in ajwain is an anti-microbial componant. It gives relief from common cold and other infectious diseases. Ajwain helps to boost immune system.
Ajwain is good for your kidneys
Since Ajwain has anti-inflammatory properties it helps to relieve from arthritis symptoms. It alleviates bone related painful conditions. Ajwain aids to relieve from localized aches and migraine. It has the magical ability to dissolve kidney stones. Take ajwain infused water regularly to dissolve kidney stones naturally.