Research says nearly 20 million children in the US have asthma. Asthma is a chronic disease that affects your airways. Airways help you to breathe by carrying air in and out. If a child gets asthma, their lungs or airways might get swollen when they have a cold, which will affect their daily activities. Both children and adults face the same difficulties if they have asthma.

Eating Excessive Meat Causes Asthma?

New study says that eating excessive meat can cause asthma in children. A research article recently published that cooked meat or dietary meat contains many pro-inflammatory compounds which can cause advanced glycation end products(AGEs). Researchers with the help of NHANES data found that excessive meat-eating causes many health hazards for children which mainly includes wheezing.

Advanced Glycation End Products(AGEs)

Meats are mostly made in prolonged time in high heat or temperature which causes AGEs. AGEs are harmful components that formed naturally inside the body when protein or fat combine with sugar. Recently many children are affected by asthma because of our new method of cooking which includes barbequing, grilling, frying, and other cooking methods that require extreme heating. So eating excessive meat can cause AGEs which can cause asthma in children. Advanced Glycation end products can damage your cells and molecules in the body and it is one of the main factors in aging and other age-related diseases.

Other Diseases AGEs Can Cause

Alzheimer’s Disease

Glycation can damage an enzyme called MIF. Advanced glycation end products in the brain can cause stress, aging, and depression which eventually results in Alzheimer’s disease.



Advanced glycation is the main factor that develops many diabetic complications which include nephrotomography, retinography, and neuropathy.


Atherosclerosis develops with fat and cholesterol in the artery wall. Which later blocks or restricts the blood flow.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Eating excessive meat can produce advanced glycation end products which can slowly damage your kidney. This can eventually lead to kidney failure.

Tips to Control/Reduce AGEs Level

  1. Cook on low or medium temperature for shorter periods
  2. Avoid eating meat outside
  3. Avoid barbecuing, grilling, and frying; instead Boil, poach, stew
  4. Eat Fruits, vegetables, and grains to reduce AGEs level


Eating too much meat will not only cause asthma but also many health issues. From obesity to heart problems it can even lead to premature death.