Fitness benefits men in multiple ways, especially it reduces the risk of many health conditions. Even after hitting the gym, many aren’t able to lose weight. Whereas some people don’t have time to lose weight as they are occupied with their day-to-day activities. Worry not, we got you covered. Here we’ve come up with the best weight loss diet plans for men.

What Is the Best Diet Plan for Men?

Here are the best weight-loss diets for men-

Consuming breakfast is one of the best ways to lose weight. Research shows that 75% of the men who eat breakfast have seen positive results in weight loss. Make sure you incorporate the following in your diet. 

Before getting into a diet plan. Make sure you incorporate the following into your lifestyle.

  • Start Your Day With a Big Breakfast

Breakfast is indeed an important meal of the day. Your first meal of the day plays a major role in your energy levels. Not only that, but it also helps you to burn calories throughout the day. So don’t skip breakfast! 

  • Eat More Protein

A high protein diet helps in reducing calorie intake by boosting metabolism. This automatically reduces hunger hormones and also boosts satiety hormones. Take protein intake between 1.6 and 2.2 grams of protein per kg of body weight. 

  • Detox Tea

Though detox tea isn’t a proven method for weight loss. Many have seen positive results in the short term. Detox tea works well when it is combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Green tea, oolong tea, rosehip, and earl grey tea are some of the best detox tea for weight loss.

Healthy Eating for Men

 These are the best diet plan for men

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is nothing but eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains by avoiding dairy and meat. This diet also includes a lot of healthy meals, which are equally delicious. However, it differs from country to region. 

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is also known as the stone age diet because it includes the food that our ancestors ate before the invention of farming and processing. This diet is popular among fitness enthusiasts around the world. 

Low-carb Diet

As the name signifies low-carb diet restricts carbohydrate intake and is mostly found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread. A low-carb diet is not only best for weight loss but also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Below are the top 5 weight loss foods for men

These are some of the best weight loss foods- 

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Whole eggs
  • Chicken breasts