Any bad smell is always associated with stinky feet. Some people just can’t help having stinky feet, especially those people who have hyper active sweat glands.

Here are some ways to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in your feet, after you’ve rested your feet all day in your favorite pair of shoes.

  • Frequently change socks-You sweat it all out in your socks. Damp places are the best places for bacteria and microbes to grow. Change your socks at least once or twice a day unless you want them to become germ colonies.So don’t hesitate to invest in a few extra pairs of socks.
  • Liberally spray on anti-fungal spray-Before you put on your shoes and socks, spray on anti-fungal foot spray, not sparing the gaps between your toes. If you want further protection, you can sprinkle your feet with a dash of anti-fungal powder.
  • Air out your feet-Airing your feet out by removing your socks and shoes is a great way to dry out the sweat and prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.But make sure that you are the only one around when you do it. You don’t want your colleague talking about your stinky feet behind your back to the rest of the office.
  • Indulge in tea soaks-Soak your feet in bath of black tea for at least 20 minutes a day. This is said to reduce the dampness of the feet and make it drier because of the acidic nature of tea. The tea even helps in killing the germs and bacteria, along with closing the pores on your feet
  • Rotate shoes-Sweat takes time to dry, especially in shoes. Try to rotate the shoes you wear regularly so that the damp sweat does not make your feet stink and also gives time for your other pair of shoes to dry out.

So fight the stink in your feet by trying out the above practices.