What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is nothing but regular water infused with more hydrogen molecules. Like how in carbonated water they will with carbon dioxide. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to create water(H2O). Molecular hydrogen concentration of water is about 0.0000004 millimoles per litre. Hydrogen water has more hydrogen molecules than normal water. It has approximately 7.0mg of hydrogen molecules. It looks and tastes like normal water since hydrogen has no colour and odour. In this blog, let’s understand the benefits of hydrogen, the negative side effects of hydrogen water, the origin, and everything else you need to know.

Origin of Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water or “Shin’nooru solution” has been in use since a very long time in Japan. Japanese believes that drinking and bathing in hydrogen infused water keep them young. Even, Panasonic started developing products which can add hydrogen to drinking water. A Japanese study says that bathing in hydrogen water everyday can reduce wrinkles. Collagen found in the cells maintains the youthfulness of the skin. There is an increased collagen production in the damaged cells in it.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Benefits of hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water gives energy to the body. It heals inflammation of the cells and speed up muscle recovery. It acts as an alkalising agent increasing ph levels in the blood. Also it is a great anti oxidant and fight free radicals in the body. It slows down your ageing process.

Is Hydrogen Water Good or Bad?

Hydrogen Water Good or Bad

Hydrogen is a tiny molecule and it can permeate through the body membranes. Even further inside the cell nucleus. It repairs and rejuvenate the cell and diminish the effect of oxidative stress. In that manner, repairs and protects every organ. Hydrogen protects the cells of the brain. It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels. But it needs more scientific research and study to come to a conclusion. There are no proven facts about the claims for hydrogen water. consuming more of hydrogen water doesn’t create any side effects nor any do any harm to the body.

What are the Side Effects of Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen infused water

Hydrogen water may do all the flavors to the human body. But there is no way to find out that you are getting genuine water from the shop. Though its packed with the higher level of hydrogen the concentration may reduce overtime. It comes in non permeable containers to avoid hydrogen loss.  Also once you open the can you should consume immediately. Or else the concentration of hydrogen will start to decrease. Then there wont be any difference to regular water.

Bottom Line

People who consume hydrogen water have seen an increase in energy levels. They also claim that it has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps maintain youthful skin. However, there are no elaborate studies to prove the claims so far. Considering the fact that the side effects of hydrogen water are not proven, you can consume it without any hesitation as it does not cause any direct harm to the body. You can just read the label to reap the benefits.