Most of us spend hours in the pool without even giving second thought about the damage that the chlorine, disinfectant products and other bleaching chemicals are doing to our body and skin.Our body absorbs a lot of these chemicals when they come in contact with our skin.

Here are some simple ways to keep those harsh chemicals at bay

  • Rinse-How many times have we skipped this step and just simply jumped directly in the pool? Sure we are clean. But by rinsing our body we are actually drenching our skin in water so as to saturate it and not absorb any harmful chemicals from the pool.
  • Slather yourself with coconut oil-Coconut oil acts like sun screen in the water. Coconut oil is acidic in nature and is oily too. It acts as a guard to protect your skin, just like the acid mantle that protects your skin when you’re out of the water.
  • Choose an outdoor pool-The problem with indoor pools is that you are more exposed to chemicals and disinfectants as they hover near the surface of the water with no place to escape or vent out.So it is preferable to swim in an outdoor pool that uses UV or ionization method to clean it and thereby requiring fewer chemicals.
  • Spray on Topical Vitamin C-Topical Vitamin C is a miracle discovered for swimmers. What this miracle does is that it neutralizes the harmful effects of chlorine.Liberally spray yourself with topical vitamin C that is readily available in the market or you can even make your own by dissolving powdered vitamin C powder in equal quantities of water.

There is no reason to stay away from your swimming pool with the fear of damage to your skin, hair and body. Now that you know how to fight the harmful effects of chlorine, jump in!