Missing your old body? Your body changes from inside and outside during motherhood including your hip width, clothing size, breast shape, and shoe size. But most of these changes will disappear after birth or a few months. If you want to get rid of your postpartum belly and other body changes, we have put together some of the proven tips to rebuild your body after childbirth.

Tips to Rebuild the Body after Childbirth

It is normal to get frustrated with your postpartum body. You can easily restore your body and energy with these tips.

Take Rest

Every new mom learns that newborn babies have different sleeping routines. Babies may wake up every 3 hours and need to be fed, comforted, and changed. You should get eight hours of sleep.

Here are some of the easy ways that help you get more rest:

You can seek help from your partner or friends in the first few weeks. Let them help you with other responsibilities other than feeding your baby. In this way, you will get enough time to take care of yourself.

Try sleeping when your baby sleeps, this may give some more minutes of rest if you missed sleeping eight hours last night.

Arrange your baby’s bed near yours for breastfeeding during the night.

Go outside of your room for a minute every day to help boost your mood.


During pregnancy and birth, your body has undergone several changes. You should give time to recover. Not only do you need rest, eating healthy food can help recover your body and strength. After giving birth, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet so that you can be energetic and able to take care of your baby.

According to lactation experts, you need to eat when you are hungry. But many mothers forget to eat due to their daily chores.

Include the right amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet that help avoids constipation which is considered a common problem for women in pregnancy.

The Foods to Include after Postpartum Period

Vegetables: choose a wide variety of vegetables including red, orange, and green vegetables, legumes, and starchy vegetables.

Grains: Foods that contain wheat, oats, rice, barley, cornmeal or another cereal grain are good for your health. You can include other grain products including brown rice, whole wheat, and oatmeal.

Fruits: Any fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice can be added to your diet.

Protein: You can lean on protein. Eat low-fat or lean meats and poultry. Pick a variety of proteins including seeds, nuts, beans, fish, and peas.

Dairy Products: Choose food items that are made from milk and focus on low-fat products or fat-free. Choose products that are high in calcium.

Oils: Oils don’t come under the food group. But you should consider adding nut oils that contain important nutrients. You should avoid oils that have animal fats.

If you are breastfeeding it may take several months to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy. You can reduce weight by cutting out high-fat foods.

Breastfeeding Help Burn calories

Breastfeeding your baby has several benefits. It helps protect your baby from illness, provides balanced nutrition, and lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding also helps lose postpartum weight. A mother can burn around 500 extra calories a day. Breastfeeding does not completely help reduce your weight, but it can jumpstart your process.

Postpartum Workout 

You can exercise as soon as medically safe and it also depends on your mode of delivery (cesarean or vaginal) and the presence and absence of surgical complications.

If you are a lactating woman, you can opt for regular aerobic exercise to improve maternal cardiovascular fitness and it won’t affect milk production or infant growth. You should feed your baby before exercising to avoid exercise discomfort. Nursing mothers should drink water to stay hydrated.

Do not start your physical exercise without consulting your healthcare provider, especially if you have undergone a c-section or experienced a complication during birth. In any case, you should start slow and move slowly to more exercise.


You should remember that extreme diet and exercise can harm your baby and especially if you are feeding. You should know that it may take several months for you to go back to your normal shape and lose the weight you gain during pregnancy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, balanced carbohydrates and proteins. Exercise can tone muscles and burn calories.