Most people who suffer from a heart attack display symptoms of one. You might be doing something that is causing your heart agony. Although these symptoms are often caused by problems other than an impending heart attack, if you notice them occurring, be sure to promptly contact a medical provider.

1) Less than 6 hours sleep

A lot of people toss and turn in their beds. But skipping basic sleeping hour on a daily basis can pay a toll on your health and increase the risk of a heart attack.

2) Long hours spent in front of the screen

People who watch TV or work on a computer for four or more hours a day increase their risk of an event associated with cardiovascular diseases, like a heart attack.
If you do have to spend most of your day plopped behind a desk, take a brief walk after every 20 minutes or try a standing desk at regular intervals.

3) You live in a smoggy area

Smog is as bad for your heart as it is for your lungs. High pollution levels affect people and increase the risk of having from a heart attack.

4) You get angry over the littlest of things

Anger levels can also affect your heart health. If you experience intense outbursts of anger and regularly then it likely that such outburst may be followed by heart attacks.

5) You are divorced

Divorce literally causes heart ache.Studies have now proved that there a direct connection between the overall health of a person and a divorce. Your risk of heart attack thus increases when you are headed for a divorce.

6) Experience extreme temperatures

Researchers have found that exposing oneself to extreme temperatures can increase the chances of getting a heart attack – both extreme hot and cold.

7) Its day light saving time

With day light saving hours comes disrupted sleep-wake cycles and increased stress at the start of a new week of work. Research has shown that more people suffered from heart attacks in this time period.

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