Have you experienced a situation where you are in public and can’t resist the urge to itch your butt? Or does your butt ache when you sit down at times? The cause could be hemorrhoids. So what are hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located around the anus or in the lower rectum that cause pain, severe itching, and difficulty sitting.

Here are 6 ways you can avoid getting :Piles exercise

1)    Exercise

Exercise seems to be the magic cure for all ailments these days. Exercise helps keep your bowels movements regular and smooth, without any pressure, thereby keeping hemorrhoids at bay.

2)    Eat more fiber

Fiber is an essential part of every healthy diet. Fiber helps in proper digestion of food and smooth bowel movements. So avoid constipation by eating foods high in fiber like broccoli, oats and the like.

Fibre rich food

3)    Do not control

Go to the washroom when you feel the urge to. Controlling or holding it puts unnecessary pressure on your rectum and even cause your bowel to dry up, making the poop harder to push out and thus eventually cause hemorrhoids.

4)    Do not strain

Excessive strain by lifting heavy stuff or wrong posture can increase the pressure in blood vessels near the rectum and lead to hemorrhoids.
Do not stress or strain in such a way that it puts pressure on your hind side and causes hemorrhoids.

5)    Drink up

Drink lots of water to get your bowels properly flushed out. Water softens stools and prevents constipation that leads to hemorrhoids.

Drink lot of water

6)    Clean up

Scientists have found a correlation between personal hygiene and hemorrhoids. Take special care of your genital’s and make sure they are clean at all times to avoid getting hemorrhoids.

hemorrhoids personal hygiene