In simple terms, it is the juice made from Aloe Vera, the plant that grows in tropical climates across the world. It is widely used for its benefits and decorative purposes, where it is grown indoors as a potted plant.

The extract of the plant is used in numerous health and skincare products – some of which include skin lotions, oils, cosmetics, and certain other medicines.

The plant, in its various forms, has been widely propagated as a healthful ingredient. Especially the juice of the plant.

Aloe Vera juice has digestive and immune benefits. It helps treat intestinal issues and builds immunity. The plant is good for the heart too – it aids in cholesterol and blood pressure reduction. Other benefits include balancing the body’s pH levels, improving skin health, and treating bad breath.

It has been found to contain 75 potentially active constituents. It can even stimulate the uterus and improve menstrual conditions. In fact, Aloe Vera juice has been mentioned in ayurvedic texts too. As per Ayurveda, Aloe Vera juice can benefit the eyes and help prevent various eye disorders. It also is useful in treating jaundice and bronchitis.

You can consume aloe vera juice along with certain other ingredients as well – this can add up to the benefits.

One of such ingredients is amla also known as gooseberry. Amla is rich in vitamin C and is a potent antioxidant. Consuming the two can have great benefits on your skin and prevent inflammation.

You can mix aloe juice with honey too, they are low in sugar than most other drinks. So is the case with aloe juice and lemon, it can be incredibly refreshing.

You can take aloe vera juice before going to bed, as this has shown to aid in belly fat reduction.

The juice has laxative properties that can aid digestion. It encourages gut bacteria and regulates bowel movements. It also has been found to soothe and cure stomach ulcers.

The juice has laxative properties that stimulate the bowels and increase its tone.

Though the juice can have an anti-inflammatory effect on people suffering from ulcerative colitis, it might also cause diarrhea. Hence, practice caution.


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