Reasons Why You Can't Lose More Weight

Can I fit into my favorite jeans or outfits? 

What is the reason for not able to lose weight? You wonder.

You can lose weight by adopting a calorie-restricted diet and proper exercise. The reason why you are unable to lose weight is opting for an inappropriate diet, and poor or no exercise routine. 

You should follow your diet plan in harmony with the mind and the body. It’s an awful feeling when you can’t get the result after trying to lose weight and burn fat.

Here Are Six Reasons Why You Failed to Burn Fat!

1. Overboard with Fitness

Exercise strengthens the bone weight, fights against stress, enhances cardiovascular function and it lessens the risk for many health issues. Also, it helps burn body fat a little.

People have a wrong notion that once they finish the workout session, they can simply have a bite of bagel or some other high-calorie food. After doing a lot of exercises, if you follow the same old diet without any modification, you tend to eat more and more. You must change the diet and avoid excessive eating by assuming that exercising will burn all the fat.

2. Not Following a Proper Diet

 Not Following a Proper Diet

You come across yourself saying; I was running out of time so I just grabbed a coffee and a pack of cookies.

If you are not eating the correct diet and if your meal shouldn’t contain vegetables, a little fish, fruit, meat, full-fat nuts, seeds, dairy, healthy fats, high nutrition supplements, and healthy starch means you are not practicing the proper diet. 

How good you’re eating plan depends on your weight loss. You should eat a sustainable balanced diet without exceeding the calories.

3. Only Focusing on Calories or Avoiding Fat

When you follow the diet plan you end up counting only the calories. Indulging in a low-calorie diet may lead to nutrient deficiencies and also offers carbs at high levels and low fat and protein.

You should count the balanced diet by adding calories and healthy fat as much as required.

4. Sugary Drinks

One research states that sugary foods or drinks influence weight gain and provide an inadequate amount of energy to the body. It’s very easy to grab a drink and consume it.

It’s better if you avoid doing it as it can enhance weight loss.

5. Enough Sleep Is Must

Enough Sleep Is Must

As one study states, lack of enough sleep always creates health issues. Poor sleep may promote the risk of diabetes and obesity and also effective weight loss.

Another Study from a trusted source has made an experiment involving 472 overweight adults, they tested by allowing them to get enough sleep and it was a victory of an intensive weight loss program.

6. Drinking Alcohol

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is high in calories. For example, 12-ounce beer consists of 153 calories and a glass filled with red wine contain 125 calories. If you can’t avoid drinking alcohol. sip some, not too much. It eases your stress yet taking too much also ruins your body’s ability to burn fat.