If you are having a smoothie for breakfast then the ingredients in it should be packed with nutrition that consist of healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds.
You can choose whether you want one that tastes like a salad or one that tastes like dessert.

Here are 6 ingredients that make your smoothies packed with nutrients:

1)    Green tea

Green tea has cancer fighting properties and even boosts any weight loss treatment. Green tea also has detoxifying properties that help in cleansing your system.

Green Tea

2)    Tofu

Silken tofu is high in protein and when whipped in a smoothie can help control and curb your snack hunger pangs.


3)    Pomegranate

This fruit is great to be whipped up into a post workout smoothie as it relieves sore muscles after exercise.


4)    Yogurt

There is basically no smoothie that comes without yogurt. Yogurt is packed with natural probiotics that help in smooth running of the digestive system. Drinking yogurt also helps in making your bones strong because of the high calcium content.


5)    Kombucha

If you are more of a tea person then Kombucha might be to your liking. It is a probiotic packed fermented tea found in natural-foods stores.


6)    Flax seeds

These tiny seeds help in keeping your heart healthy and also help in nourishing your body with fiber and heart healthy omega fats.

flax seeds

Do not forget to include these ingredients in your smoothie to make them super healthy.