Suddenly all of us are waking up to the fact that we need to be healthier. We have started cutting out unhealthy food and snacks and replaced them with healthier substitutes.
All this is good. But sometimes no matter how healthy the food we opt for we still don’t see any results for that on the weight scale.
The market is filled with healthy food and snacks that claim to curb hunger, especially if you are kinds who eat when bored or upset.

Here are foods in the market that manufacturer claim to be healthy but are actually causing you to put on weight:


1) Low fat latte

When coffee shops cut down dietary fat they also add sugar to improve taste. These skinny lattes contain lots of added artificial sweetener and sugars that crank up your sugar levels and leave you craving more sweet junk foods.

low fat latte

2) Low fat muffins

All these coffee and donut shops sell something called as low fat muffins. But what they do is substitute fat with extra sugar so that it still tastes good.
You think that you are eating healthier but all that sugar is going to make you fat.
low fat muffins
3) Protein bars

Protein bars are often made using lots of sugar, artificial sweeteners and other junk ingredients that are masked by using terms like ‘organic’.
Basically these are like candy bars with a little extra fiber crunch to it.
protein bars
4) Healthy cookies

If you buy cookies in a box then they are likely to contain processed sugars. A cookie is a cookie and manufacturers will use all kinds of terms to make their junk snack sound healthy.
Bake your own healthy cookie and curb your appetite.
5) Baked chips

You eat more when you hear that these chips are baked and not fried. But the fact remains that though these chips are baked they have glycemic levels that cause your blood sugar and cause fat to get stored in your body.
baked chips
6) Popcorn

Contrary to the old age myth that popcorn is a wonderful low calorie snack. Popcorn can actually trigger cravings in you to eat more salty and fatty foods.
Popcorn is a high glycemic food that spikes your blood sugar and stores fat, making you want to eat more.