6 Mistakes that you make while washing your face

Washing our faces is an act that we do every day. It is a very simple process yet many of us make mistakes in washing our faces and the best part is that we don’t even realize that we are washing it the wrong way.

So here are some mistakes that we might be making in washing our faces and don’t be surprised to find out that you have been doing the wrong thing ever since you can remember.

  1. Over washing-If we wash our face too many times in a day we risk the chance of losing all the essential oils in our face and thus make it dry and prone to wrinkles and dehydration. Stick to the rule of washing not more than twice a day, with the exception of an extra wash after or before workouts or after a day out.
  2. Over-exfoliating-Exfoliation is great for the skins as it scrubs away the dead cells, dirt, grime and dust collected on your skin. But do not exfoliate your skin everyday as it might be too harsh on your skin and lead to inflammation. Instead opt to use a scrub once in three days.
  3. Not using the right face wash or cleanser-There are hundreds of face washes available in the market. So how do we know which one to choose? Firstly select a face wash that suits your skin type. Figure out what kind of skin you have be it oily, dry or acne prone. Make sure you don’t buy one that is too harsh on your skin.
  4. Failing to moisturize-No matter what your skin type you have to moisturize your skin. Many people are of the wrong opinion that people who have oily skin don’t need to moisturize. Even I was of the same opinion. But the fact is that you should keep your face hydrated at all times. Just find one that suits your oily skin.
  5. Towel scrub-You can never cause more harm to your face than by harshly rubbing it with a towel. Instead tap your face with a towel to wipe of the water.
  6. Washing using hot water-Washing your face with hot water makes it dry and strips it of its natural oils. Instead wash your face using lukewarm or cold water.

Now that you know the wrong ways to washing your face, make sure you stop them as soon as possible and take corrective steps to rescue your face when washing it.