If you have cracked, itchy and dry skin, you will surely look for an instant solution. Climate change plays a major role in this, the cold temperature outside and the dry heat inside will damage your skin.

It’s not just about keeping your skin clean. It’s also about what you apply to it, the atmosphere around you and also your clothing.    

Tips to Follow to Treat Dry Skin:

Dry Lips:

Dry Lips

Lips dry out quicker because they don’t have a lot of oil in them. Take coconut oil and honey then mix it well with a quarter teaspoon of sugar. Apply in gently then exfoliate your lips with a scrub. Add a layer of Vaseline after the rinse. Choose a lip balm that feels good on your lips, not the once which stings once you apply it.

Coat your lips a couple of times a day to seal the moisture into the skin, which will rehydrate the lips. Avoid licking lips, because it dries out lips even faster.

Lifeless Hair:

Lifeless Hair

Travelling can be tiring and can ruin your hair. In the summer, the hot air and the dust will stain your hair and damage it. And in winter, everybody loves a hot bath. But it affects your hair more and causes dry skin too.  

Blow drying, curling irons, and other styling tools will leave your hair dry. To protect your hair from these, apply coconut oil directly to your scalp and hair then let it soak for a while.

Cracked Skin:

Cracked Skin

Dry skin is actually common with many causes, mostly dry skin is caused by environmental changes. You can apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly on your body to maintain the moisture. You can apply it on your face, around your eyes and mouth too. If you take bath in warm water, make sure you apply a lot of moisturizers after your bath.    

Dry Hands:

Dry Hands

The thin skin covering our hands will dry out soon and particularly in the winter season. The combination of warm water and soap can cause your hands to turn rough and dull.   every time you go out or while doing the dishes to avoid dry skin.

Apply extra moisture creams, before going to bed and sleep wearing cotton gloves. Your dry skin will turn soft and smooth if you regularly follow these tips.