Not everyone is happy with the simple and healthy protein packed breakfast options of eggs with whole wheat toast. A high protein breakfast is essential to give you the power boost and energy to get you through the rest of the day.
Eggs are an excellent source of healthy high protein. But what if you hate eggs? What if you are allergic to eggs?

Not to worry; Here are a few breakfast options that do not involve eggs:

1)    Quinoa

Quinoa is filling proteins that will also help you slim out sooner.You can eat it in the same manner as you eat porridge and can change it to sweet or savory based on your liking.


2)    Chia

Mix chia with milk and cook it like a pudding. Top it with your favorite fruits and nuts or you can even eat it plain. You an even sprinkle chia seeds over regular oat to power pack your breakfast.


3)    Smoothies

This is the simplest way to pack essential morning nutrients. Blend protein packed ingredients like almond butter, tahini, peanut butter, flax seeds or even protein powder in your yogurt smoothies with fruit and nuts.

This will fill you up till lunch.


4)    Leftovers

Who says you can’t eat meat at your protein for breakfast. Wrap leftover chicken or fish with vegetables in a whole grain sheet and you have an instant healthy protein packed breakfast.

5)    Burrito

This filling breakfast is a delicious, healthy and protein packed option to start your day. Fill your tortilla sheet with black beans, fresh tomato salsa and cheese and you have your power packed requirements to start your day.


6)    Peanut and fruit sandwich

Skip the old fashioned jelly in the traditional peanut butter jelly sandwich. Use fruit instead like apple slices, peach or any other fruit of your choice.

peanut sandwich