Our teeth are very precious. They give definition to our face and light it up. So it becomes our duty to take good care of them. There are a lot of bad habits that can ruin our teeth such as chewing tobacco, smoking, brushing too many times a day etc…

Here is a list of acts that can ruin your teeth:

  • Bleaching-All of us want to have sparkling white teeth. But some of us are naturally blessed with yellow or ivory shaded teeth no matter how hard we clean them.Bleaching might give you that white look but in the process you land up destroying the enamel on your teeth and sometimes affect the gums or nerve tissue.
  • Biting ice-A habit that is passed down from us as kids is the habit of biting ice. While most of us admit to still enjoy biting into ice, it is important that you get the fact straight that it will damage your teeth.If you already have a filling, it can decrease the strength of it or cause it to break.
  • Sucking on lozenges-Whenever we suspect the arrival of a cough, we pop a lozenge in our mouth. Little do we know that these drops are laden with sugars? The longer that we have them in our mouth the more chances that we have of getting a tooth decay.
  • Tongue, mouth or cheek piercing-It might look all glam to pierce your face. But on the long run these piercing become the cause of receding gums, infections, bleeding and even swelling.
  • Using your teeth as a tool-Your teeth have been gifted to you for biting and chewing food. Do not misuse these gifts to bite open packets or pop soda. The pressure that you use on your teeth in these acts can cause your teeth to break or crack.
  • Brushing and acidic food-It is a good habit to brush after meals. But it can harm your teeth to brush it immediately after consuming an acidic drink or foods. You might land up scrubbing off the enamel from your teeth.

Avoid these acts that harm your teeth and remember to flash a dazzling smile always.