Diabetes is a killer disease. Controlling your sugar levels and taking your medicines are only the first step after diagnosing diabetes.Diabetes affects every part of your body in the long run, so to make sure you don’t get affected by this disease, you need to concentrate on your overall health and fitness.

Here are some key areas where you need to concentrate on to prevent complicating the disease:

  • Eat right-Plan all your meals properly. Eat healthy and right. Eat balanced meals and preferably smaller meals at shorter intervals. Consult a dietician for to plan an ideal meal for you. You don’t need to completely cut out the food you love. You just need to learn the art of controlling your portions.
  • Exercise-Keep a check on your weight. Being overweight is not a good thing being diabetic. Include any form of physical activity in your daily routine. It can be anything that gets you moving such as walking, aerobics or even something fun like dancing. Exercise helps in stabilizing your blood sugar and also helps keep you fit.
  • Quit smoking-Smoking is bad for health for everyone and not only harmful for people suffering from diabetes. Smoking leads to all types of complications. It can affect your kidneys, cause heart problems and even affect the nervous system and blood circulation in the body. So stop smoking unless you want to die a horrific death.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption-Moderate consumption of alcohol is fine, but don’t forget to hydrate yourself well and never drink on an empty stomach.
  • Meet the doctor regularly for check up’s-Do visit your doctor regularly to understand your current state of health. Your doctor will help you maintain good health.
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control-Blood pressure and cholesterol also damage blood vessels like diabetes. When all the three team up together, the damage is threefold, along with the increased risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  • Keep your vaccines up-to-date-Don’t forget to take all your vaccinations. Suffering from diabetes can mean a weaker immune system so don’t forget to take your shots of hepatitis, flu vaccine and even the harmless tetanus shots.
  • Take extra care of your feet-All diabetes patients are asked to take good care of their feet. Moisturize and massage your feet regularly with creams or oils, as they tend to get drier as compared to regular people and even lose sensation there.If you suffer from any cuts or blisters do not hesitate to rush to the doctor, as wounds of people suffering from diabetics take time to heal and can get easily infected.Make sure to inspect your feet daily, as you might not even realize that you hit yourself somewhere.
  • Avoid stress-Stress can cause your sugar level to sky rocket. Try to avoid taking too much stress, as it can make your insulin or diabetics medicines ineffective.
  • Monitor your sugar levels at all times-Keep monitoring your sugar with a blood sugar monitor. Blood sugar monitoring devices are available in the market that helps you easily test your blood at home.Do live in ignorance about your sugar levels. Don’t hesitate to take a test whenever you feel odd or that something has gone wrong.

Prevention is better than cure! So do follow these guidelines to avoid getting into unwanted complication, especially when it relates to something as serious as diabetes.