5 Solutions to soothe period pains and cramps

All women dread having their periods unless they are dying to skip a swimming class. Periods are so messy and clammy that we women often wish that we could have been born as men. We are stuck with this problem by birth and not out of choice so there is not much that we can do to avoid it.

The severity of PMS symptoms can be reduced by following these few tips of survival in this icky period:

  • Yoga

I know most of us cannot imagine exercise during this period. Rigorous movements can seem gross and is not very comfortable. But a few yoga poses can help relieve the symptoms of bloating and pain.

Legs up the wall- Lie down on the floor and gently raise your feet to a 90 degree angle. This posture is said to relieve pain and bloating, both at the same time.

Side twist- Lie flat with your back on the floor. Lift both your feet together and twist to the right side of the floor, with you head still facing the ceiling and on the floor. Repeat on the other side.

Cross legged-  Sit cross-legged on the floor and breathe in and out.

  • Skin breakouts

A lot of women have breakouts and oily skin just a few days before they actually get their periods.  You should consider switching to oil free products during this period. Choose gel or foam based cleansers to wash your face so as to prevent the oiliness and the breakouts.  Glycolic peels and washes also might help prevent your skin from erupting with pimples.

  • Snacking

When it’s time to get our periods, most women tend to feel hungry. It must something our hormones do to us to make us stuff ourselves till we go sick in the stomach. Stick to snacks that are rich in Vitamin B1 and B2 and even carbs that help in reducing cramps. Eat a slice of whole wheat toast smothered in cheese or Greek yogurt instead of pigging out on a  bag of crisps.

You can even eat dark chocolate to help improve your mood when your suffering from the period blues.

  • Pain meds

Some of us suffer from pain during our periods. Make sure you take non-steroidal pain killers that reduce bloating and inflammation. Motrin and Advil are the most popular ones that prevent the muscles in your body from squeezing the uterus that cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

  • Cleaning blood stains on clothes

It is inevitable to soil your inner garments or even outer clothing with blood during your periods. Washing these stained garments can be quiet a pain, especially if the stains are stubborn.  As soon as you have discovered the blood stains, wash them off immediately with soap and water. If the stains still refuse to budge then consider scrubbing the stain with salt or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

So bid adieu to those period problems!

Written by: Rasha Ashraf