Even people who never quit a day of workout all-round the year tendto stay indoors in summer. The heat can make you want to stop physical activity for a bit. But what if there was a way you could remain cool and still exercise? Don’t be surprised. Pool exercises are a great way to get fit this summer.
The best part is that you burn more calories in the pool than you do by sweating it out in the heat of the gym.
Here are 5 reasons you should give pool exercises are shot:

1) Keeps you cool

You can always go to a gym that has air conditioning but when you jump in to a pool, the water brings down your body temperature. This way you burn more and the best part is that you don’t feel as warm, hot or sticky.



2) Releases stress

You must have heard a lot of people tell you that swimming reduces stress. It really does. Basically exercise in any form causes the release of feel good hormones that makes your body feel good.
That’s not all! The water will take away all those muscle or joint aches and pains and your body will have a soothing effect.

3) No equipment necessary

Working out in the poll does not require any equipment. You can choose to do a few laps or simply moving around in water itself gives you a good cardio and strength training session.
You can prop you elbows on the edge of the pool and pedal as you were riding a cycle. This is a great calorie burning workout.

swimming exercise







4) Recover from injuries

Nowadays doctors are recommended physiotherapy sessions in the pool. The idea behind this is to reduce pain. In water due to reduced pressure and friction you can easily exercise the injury without unwanted stress.

5) Flexibility

Water buoyancy kills the effect of gravity due to which your body feels light. You don’t experience much pressure and so you can flex your body to limits you have never done before thereby giving you more flexibility and range of motion.

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