5 Myths about cellulite

One thing that most women hate about themselves is the cellulite that they have on their body.  For those of you who don’t know what cellulite is, cellulite is the fat cells that get trapped in between the skin when the collagen fibers that hold the fat together tear.

Let’s discuss the common myths about cellulite:

  • Only women suffer from cellulite

Men also suffer from collagen like women. The only difference is that the pattern of the collagen in men is different from women due to which the fat cells do not bulge as much and look too visible.

The collagen of women is arranged in parallel a line that naturally gets compartmentalized, causing huge pockets of fat when the collagen breaks down.

  • OTC and other creams help in melting cellulite

There are tons of cellulite creams available in the market that promise to melt the cellulite over regular usage. But the fact is that these creams only help in the temporary reduction of fat in appearance.

Creams that contain caffeine and retinol have been shown to increase the blood circulation and temporary shrink the fat. Remember if you’re looking for a permanent solution then applying creams is not the way to go about it.

  • Cellulite affects only fat people

Cellulite attacks people irrespective of weight and age. Some people who are super skinny also suffer from cellulite issues. I guess cellulite is all about the genetic structure and general body structure.

  • Exercise can prevent cellulite

Of course cellulite is caused by increased fatty tissues that get trapped in pockets underneath the skin.  When we exercise no doubt we lose weight and fat. Exercise tightens the connecting tissues of the collagen that further tighten the pockets and make the dimpled area of fat, which is the cellulite look worse.

  • Tanning will get rid of cellulite

Tanning will only damage your skin, which in turn damages the collagen in the skin, breaking it down to form pockets where the fat deposits forming bumps called cellulite. So keep away from tanning parlors or getting tans in the sunlight, especially if you’ve not taken the precautionary measures against the UV rays.

There is no permanent solution to help you get rid of cellulite. Accept the fact and live with it. There is nothing Photoshop cannot do in the world of pictures. So save those extra dollars and not spend it on creams and other products that promise to make your cellulite vanish into thin air.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf