5 Myths about food that are not true

There is some advice given by people about food that we don’t investigate. We all believe them to be true. But let me tell you that there are some myths about food that you are getting wrong.

  • Spicy food gives ulcers

Ulcers are actually caused by bacteria called helicobacter pylori. People in Asian countries eat tons of spice and chili. They don’t seem to be getting ulcers every day. It might cause pain in your bowel but definitely not an ulcer.

  • Feed a cold and starve a fever

As much as we try to follow the saying, this piece of advice should not be followed at any cost. People suffering from a fever also need to eat. They will get tired on no food.  They might not be able to eat much when the fever is high. But do feed them as soon as the fever medication sets in. People with fevers can lose weight very fast so try and feed them small amounts at regular intervals.

  • Microwaving the food kills its nutrients

Microwaving only heats the food without letting the nutrients escape. As a matter of fact it’s boiling on the stone that drains your nutritious food of its healthy vitamins and minerals.

  • Do not drink milk when you have a cold

The reason that is given not to drink milk when you have a cold is because it is said that milk increases the production of mucous. What people don’t realize is that mucous is caused by a virus and not the milk that you drink.

  • Cut the fat in dressings for salad

It is good to eat less fat in your food. So you think that when you eat salad its best to dress it with fat-free dressing. But the fact is that your body needs some amount of good fat to digest the vegetables and whole grain in the salad. So opt for dressings that contain healthy fats such as olive oil or oil from nuts or even avocado puree.

So listen to the experts and don’t listen to these myths related to food.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf