We’ve often been told to include fruits and veggies in our daily diet for all the nutritional value they offer. This is absolutely true and there’s no doubt about how healthy they are. But, when it comes to diabetes( a condition where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin), there are a lot of other things you have to consider. There are chances that the food you thought was harmless could cause a tremendous increase in blood sugar levels. So, to stay on the safer side, we’ve clubbed a list of 5 fruits to avoid if you suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Also, get to know the fruits that are healthy for diabetes!

Worst Fruits for Diabetes

1. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

While dry fruits are a great source of proteins, carbohydrates, and saturated fats, they can never be as good as fresh fruit. For instance, raisins, apricots, and dates are great antioxidants and hemoglobin inducers that should be taken in proper proportions. But, also remember that the store-bought ones are flavored or sugared to enhance the taste. It is also found that a cup of raisins contains twice as much as carbs compared to a cup of fresh grapes. Now you know why dry fruits should be taken with caution.

2. Watermelon


Loaded with water content, watermelon is a summer favorite. But this crunchy fruit’s GI (Glycemic index-ability to raise blood sugar levels) is on the higher side making it unsuitable for diabetic patients. Also, note that it is absolutely fine to have one slice of it. More than that, it becomes a reason to worry.





3. Banana


A delicious tropical fruit that has enormous amounts of potassium and iron content, there is never a fruit bowl without bananas. As good as it tastes, the number of calories it mounts can exceed what a diabetic patient can consume.

4. Mango


Right from shakes to ice creams, mango is the most favorite fruit dessert flavor. With high GI, mangoes are a strict no for a person with diabetes. Moreover, the carbohydrate content of mango is much higher than any fruit making it completely inappropriate for a diabetic’s consumption.



5. Canned Berries

Canned Berries

Just like dry fruits, canned berries contain loads of artificial flavors, sugar syrups, and taste inducers. These makeup for high sugar and carbs that can shoot up sugar levels almost instantly (Learn the side effects of artificial sweeteners on diabetes). On the contrary, a diabetic can have good amounts of berries such as cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc. 

The number of reported cases of diabetes has tremendously increased over the past decade. If left unmonitored, it can even turn fatal. Instead of opting for prolonged medication, start eating right and you’ll notice the difference for sure. 




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