Baby Advice is like a free gift. You hear parenting advice from your family, pediatrician, friends, and counselors. In fact, they are the potential resources who can give you a lot of suggestions and ideas on parenting styles. However, it can be tricky to know the ones that are likely to work with your baby. In this blog, we want to share the most outdated parenting advice that is not relevant in recent times. 

Outdated Parenting Advice That You May Ignore

1. Being Cold Makes a Baby Sick

New-borns need some help in regulating their body temperature. They shouldn’t get too warm or too cold. Comfortable and season-appropriate clothing is enough to keep them safe and sound. You no longer need a cap, mittens, socks, a onesie, and a blanket even in the middle of summer. 

2. Babies Should Sleep Face Down

Babies Should Sleep Face Down

Earlier, people used to put babies face down to avoid choking their vomit or mucus. But recent studies have found that it puts them at higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). FDA even warns the usage of head-shaping pillows. Sleeping face down also puts pressure on the baby’s diaphragm which compromises the oxygen intake.  Put your baby on its back because it’s the safest way.  

3. Sleep ,When the Baby Sleeps

That’s a joke! How is it even possible to sleep on a just-born’ s schedule? The first year of parenting is challenging and you are prone to become tired. On the other hand, you will have plenty of things to do. Like the laundry, dirty dishes, messy house, and so on. If you are working from home (ha…ha…ha…) … You can catch a little sleep while your baby sleeps, but you can’t have them all. Because there are a lot of other things to do when the baby sleeps. 

4. Babies Sleep Better in Silence and Darkness

It may be true with some babies but not with others. Your little ones can get used to any sleeping environment. some kids love a little bit of noise and light in the background. It’s OK to play music when your kid is sleeping. If you notice any kind of disturbance, you can experiment with different music. 

5. Allowing Your Baby to Bounce on Your Lap Can Cause Bowlegs

Allowing Your Baby to Bounce on Your Lap Can Cause Bowlegs

That’s just an old wives’ tale. Young babies learn to bear weight on their legs and they try to find their centre of gravity. Allowing your kid to bounce on you is good stimulation for them. It is fun and also helps them develop. 

6. Stop Breastfeeding at Some Pre-Defined Time

Breastfeeding is a parent-baby thing! No one can question or set a pre-defined time to stop or drop breastfeeding. Baby-led weaning is always the right approach. 

7. Formula Feed is a Waste of Money

Formula Feed is a Waste of Money

Experts agree that breast milk is the best and the most preferred option for babies. However, many families are unable to breastfeed due to low milk supply, health issues, or a variety of other reasons. In that case, the next best option is to look for formula feed. Today, formula feeding mimics breast milk’s immune system protection, fat, and other nutrients. So do not hesitate if that’s the right option for you. 

8. Follow a Strict Feeding Schedule

No. It’s not possible! It is better to feed the baby on demand, especially in the first three months. You may see a change in the rhythm of feeding after 3 months. It is important to look for hunger cues and fullness cues before you follow a feeding schedule. 

9. Give Honey for Teething Pain

This is dangerous for the baby. It can lead to botulism. Honey is not safe for babies under a year old. If your baby is in teething pain, give them a teether or a chilled washcloth. 

10. You Will spoil a Baby if You Pick Them Whenever They Cry

spoil a Baby if You Pick

This is such outdated parenting advice one can ever give. You will not spoil a kid by comforting them when they are crying. Infants do not have the capacity and the mental ability to cry for attention. They cry if they feel unpleasant or pain which is a natural reaction. You should not ignore their cries. Making your baby feel abandoned will frighten them. If you comfort them, they will feel safe. Do not worry about spoiling them until they become a toddler. 

11. Wake Up the Baby to Change the Wet Diaper

You get a lot of highly absorbent diapers so it’s fine to leave a baby in a diaper overnight. However, you need to change it immediately if it is not dry and has a poopy diaper. You should also change it if it appears to bother the baby. 

12. Babies Need to Poop at Least Once a Day

This old grandmom’s outdated parenting advice is not relevant anymore. Babies can poop as little as every three to four times a week. They can go without pooping for more than 2 to 3 days without any issues. You don’t have to worry about constipation when they’re not. If the bowel movement is very hard and you notice blood in the diaper, you need to talk to your paediatrician. 

13. Do Not Apply Sunscreen to an Infant

Do Not Apply Sunscreen to an Infant

It is best to keep infants away from UV rays, but if you happen to take them out, you should put on sunscreen lotion. The risk of skin cancer is greater these days so it is better to be preventive. 

14. Touching Baby’s Soft Spot Can Hurt Their Brain

The brain and skull of the baby are safe under their skin. It may feel soft in the initial few months of birth. The fontanel (soft spot) closes at about 1 year of age and you don’t have to worry about hurting the brain at all. 

15. Babies Should Bath Everyday

Unlike adults, babies do not have sweat glands. They don’t need a bath every day like adults. You can bathe your baby in warm water every two days. Make sure you clean their private parts after peeing and pooping. 

Do you have interesting or outdated parenting advice to share? Throughout your parenting journey, you are going to get both good and funny advice from everyone. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that parenting is a natural instinct. Trust your gut and do what’s best for your baby.