Every parent is unique, and so is the child. As new parents, you would be dumped with so much advice that may often lead to following various parenting styles without any proper planning. Most times, parents choose the style based on their situation rather than deciding the path consciously. Read along to know what technique you currently follow among the different types of parenting styles in 2023 and how to adapt it for a better future for your child.

Four types of parenting style 

Authoritarian parenting

As the name suggests, authoritarian parenting is similar to one-way communication. Here, the parent will set the rules and regulations to be followed, no matter whether the child likes to do it or not. This parenting style could affect your child’s decision-making skills. Children won’t be able to make any major decisions even if they become adults. This parenting style will not suit any type of child at any time. It may entirely make the child dependent on their parents for everything. In addition, the child would often fake their character and behaviors to avoid scoldings from the parents.

Authoritative parenting

This parenting style is considered to be the most healthy approach for children. Parents who come under this category spend quality time with their children but make sure their kids won’t make any wrong decisions. They will guide their toddlers with the proper approach. They will encourage their children to do good things and never forget to appreciate if they have achieved something. On the other hand, they will also discourage bad behaviors of the child in every circumstance with no excuse.

Authoritative parenting is the most effective parenting style in general. This will help the children to make the right decisions in the long run because in most cases they take their parents as role models in this parenting style.

Permissive parenting

Permissive parents encourage their children to do activities the way their kids like. They appreciate their children’s efforts every time. Permissive parents behave like friends more than fathers/mothers. The parents will hesitate to say ‘no’ to their kids’ desires. They don’t discourage bad behaviors thinking that they might hurt their children. As kids grow, they might not learn how to accept failures.

Uninvolved parenting

Parents under this category let their children be more independent than required. They won’t question what is happening in their child’s daily life. They just let them be free and don’t get involved. This style of parenting may cause psychological problems in children as they may find it hard to share their feelings with others.

Parenting styles psychology comprises all the parents in these four categories. However, a parent can change their parenting style according to modern lifestyle demands. 

Different parenting styles to adapt in 2023

From the above four, authoritarian and uninvolved parenting styles won’t suit any era. It is better to go with a mix of authoritative and permissive parenting styles but with some changes according to the modern world.

Fusion of authoritative and permissive parenting style

Though authoritative parenting is considered to be the best parenting style, in some cases, it requires certain modifications. Nowadays, kids feel more comfortable with parents who treat them as adults and give them the freedom to opine and make decisions at times. The authoritative parenting style allows kids to opine, but the decision would still be in the parents’ hands at least until a certain number of years. This behavior will affect an individual’s growth when parents are not available.

Now, picking some points from permissive methods can help. Try to be more like a friend with your kids while setting certain boundaries. Instead of discouraging bad habits often, make sure you make them understand the difference between good and bad things at a certain point.  Of course, be with them, when they fall, but don’t make it a habit.

For example,

While you learn cycling, you start pedaling thinking that your parent is behind you. When they leave their hands slowly after some time, you will continue cycling thinking that they are behind. This way you can teach your child how to approach life. Be with them, but make sure you are watching them from far after years. This will help both the parent and the child in the entire journey. On the whole, choose an effective parenting style that suits best for your child.