It’s never easy to lose weight. Especially when roasted turkeys and lip-smacking lasagnas are decked up all over your table, there is no way you will ever think about calories that you are about to pile on. So, how do you even get back to your pre-Christmas weight? Well, quite a Herculean task but it isn’t completely impossible. Here are proven ways to shed those extra pounds and get back in shape.

1. Detox with Lemon Water

Detox with Lemon Water

Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is considered one of the best ways to detox your body from all the junk food that has gone in during your holiday. The acidic property of lemon flushes out the toxins and burns unwanted calories by boosting metabolism. Add a few mint leaves to your drink to enhance the nutritional value.

2. Cut down on Carbs

Enough carbs have gone into your Christmas tummy and there’s no way you should accommodate more if you are trying to lose weight. Try to take fiber-rich foods such as cereals, nuts, wheat bread, fruits, and veggies. Carbs in any form is only going to add more calories which hardly does any good to your weight loss plan.

3. Sugar Is the Culprit

Sugar Is the Culprit

While you may put your sweet tooth to rest and keep your hands off sweets and chocolates, sugar still manages to make its way through beverages, energy drinks, and alcohol. Apart from the direct sugar intake, make it a point to read the label of your store-bought beverages in order to lose weight.

4. Break down Your Meals

This is something you’d have heard almost every dietician say! Break down your 3 biggies into 5 smaller meals in order to avoid piling up pounds. You not only achieve wholesome nutrition through this but also provides your body enough time for digestion. 

5. Follow a Workout Regime

Follow a Workout Regime

You’d have hardly had time to work out during your holiday. Except for all the effort you took with your Halloween look, there wasn’t much to do except hog all that food, isn’t it? Now that all your gala has come to a close, it’s time you focus on a few simple exercises that’ll help you sweat. 

Simply remember that skipping meals or eating less can never help you with weight loss. Instead, focus on a planned routine you’ll thank yourself for.