6-Place-You-are-Not-Applying- Sunscreen-but- Should

Again you stepped out without applying sunscreen?

You must wear sunscreen every single day; your skin needs to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, whether it’s cloudy, windy or sunny, you are supposed to apply sunscreen before stepping out!

Applying sunscreen is very important as it protects your skin from getting burned, reduces wrinkles and as per U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) applying sunscreen helps in the prevention of skin cancer. 

You apply sunscreen only at the sun exposure spots of the body or sometimes you just don’t apply the places which are hard-to-reach and you can’t able to do it by yourself.

Here Are the Six Places You Are Not Applying Sunscreen

1. Lips


How can you forget your delicate lips? If you miss wearing sunscreen on lips, non-melanoma, skin cancer usually occur that can be treated. To avoid this, you need to protect your lips and try to use a lip balm with SPF 15.

2. Top of Feet

You must apply sunscreen lotion on your feet before you go out to play in the sand. Facing the sun rays is unavoidable so it’s your responsibility to apply sunscreen to protect your skin. So neglecting the feet is not an option.

3. Chest and the Back

Chest and the Back

You may ignore your chest and back, the reason is that your hand won’t reach back to apply sunscreen and neck is the part you simply leave without any attention.

Because at the back it’s hard to apply the sunscreen by yourself and chest is the part you easily forget to put some lotion. If you continue doing this, it will lead to face your skin in the sun exposure and burns your skin. Before venturing outside wear some sunscreen, for the back, you need to seek help from your friend to enjoy the sunny day.

4. Eyelids


When you begin to apply sunscreen on the body it’s possible to ignore your eyelids. but you should know It’s a common spot to develop nonmelanoma skin cancer.  If you face the sun rays you may have the stinging sensation on eyelids.

5. Ear

Mostly we avoid sunscreen on ears because we never consider that part as important to look. It’s important to focus on ears as well. One research in 2007 published at The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal highlighted that ‘Skin cancer occurs on ears. Take a few minutes to apply sunscreen gently on the ears. 

6. Palms and Nail Beds

If you ignore key parts such as palm and nail beds it could form a rare kind of melanoma i.e. – Acral melanoma. If you are having pigmented skin you need to apply sunscreen to avoid the risk. Reggae legend Bob Marley died because of this kind of skin cancer that occurred in his toenail.

To protect your skin, follow the right sunscreen habits!