The pandemic may be man-made or not but it has brought the world together and proved that humanity still exists through many instances. Joe Biden and his administrative team have decided to donate 25 million COVID vaccines to neighboring countries, low-income group countries, countries who are suffering from vaccine shortage, and on a request basis. 

Get to know the specifications in detail now. 

Who Will Receive the Donation?

75% of the COVID Vaccines will be donated through a global program known as COVAX while the remaining 25% will be distributed on a request basis or to countries experiencing a third wave. 

The donation will be approved on the basis of countries focusing on vaccinating frontline health workers and other individuals who are at high risk of contracting the disease.

How Are the COVID Vaccines Distributed?

75% of COVID vaccines will be approximately distributed as follows:

  • 7 million vaccines to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries
  • 6 million doses to Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and other Central and South American countries
  • Another 6 million vaccines to Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, and other regional priorities or partner recipients if any.

How Are the Donations Being Funded?

The donations are being funded by the government reserves and other monetary donations received from politicians, public and private organizations, and several others.  

Which Vaccines Are Being Donated?

The vaccines manufactured by FDA-approved vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna, and Jhonson Jhonson who provide mRNA vaccines are being donated.

The White Houses’ response coordinator, Jeff Zients commented that 60 million AstraZeneca vaccines will be made available once they get approved by the FDA. 

Other Measures 

Several critics and administrators are also urging the Biden government to take other measures such as establishing more vaccine manufacturing units worldwide, provide vaccine combinations with other countries, and other methods to control the worldwide spread of the virus. 

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said. “This is certainly a complex operational challenge but one that we will take on. Our goal is in service of ending the pandemic globally. We want to save lives and thwart variants that place all of us at risk. Most important, this is just the right thing to do”

Zients has informed that the Biden government knows donating COVID vaccines alone won’t end the pandemic. President Joe Biden has affirmed that these vaccines are not being provided to “secure favors or extract concessions.” 

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