How many times have you come across advertisements promoting dating websites? How many times have you heard success or failure stories from people who dated online? This one will blow your mind.

Romance has found a way to squeeze into our busy schedules in this digitalized world through tiny little icons in our smartphones in the form of dating apps. Though dating apps come with their own advantages and disadvantages, it provides us with possibilities based on our preferences, be it love, hook-ups, or just an interesting conversation with a striking stranger. 

Dating apps are very inclusive when it comes to gender differentiation and race. Still, they are also known for introducing bizarre and out-of-the-world facilities in their apps to gain more customers. Here are a few online dating apps and their quirky features:

  • Dig– Allows dog lovers to connect with dog owners, matching people based on their liking for canine breeds. 
  • XO– This app allows you to break the ice by playing games with your match instead of using cheesy pick-up lines.
  • Tinder- Catfishing and women trafficking led to verification, but tinder went one step further by introducing height verification to aid the ladies.
  • Ship- Don’t want to swipe without discussing with your friend? Ship allows your friends to swipe for you and also provides group messaging to help you judge potential matches.
  • Loosid- Trying to quit alcohol? Pairing with other people who are trying to quit will help you avoid awkward conversations and you also schedule alcohol-free dates with your partner.

The White House knows that 44.2 million people in the U.S are on dating apps and the number is constantly growing in the pandemic and here is how it used the information to promote vaccines. 

Romance and Vaccines 

VIP access has always been a privileged feature in many dating apps that we dreamed of possessing. The White House has collaborated with popular dating apps such as Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Hinge, PlentyofFish, BLK, and Chispa to provide their vaccinated clientele with special perks. 

Following the announcement of the offer to go mask-free, the White House has announced that dating apps will be enabled with a feature where vaccinated people can match with other vaccinated people of their choice to encourage youngsters to get their vaccines in order to be able to access a long list of potential matches

An analysis made by OKCupid says that the chances of matching with a person will increase by 14% for people who got their shots of vaccines.

The vaccine-related benefits differ from app to app based on the category of customers each app possesses. While one app provides a VIP boost to all its vaccinated clientele, another provides one-time access to a limited feature. 

Two important problems creating a barrier are:

  • American citizens are unaware of where to get the shot 
  • Eligibility criteria are unknown to the general public

 The White House has informed that they are taking appropriate measures to curtail these problems too. 

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