Detoxification (Detox) diets are more popular nowadays, which is designed to detoxify our body from toxic substances. Most people are now interested in detox diets as it plays a vital role in improving one’s health. But basically what is detox diets and what it does to our body? Here is a detailed review of detox diets and their health benefits. 

What Are Detox Diets?

Detox diets basically involve a certain period of fasting by following a strict diet which includes fruits, vegetables, juices, and water. Some of the detox diets also include herbs, tea, enemas, and colon cleansers. These detox diets stimulate your liver to get rid of toxins, improve circulation, provide your body with immune nutrients, and also promote toxin elimination through urine, feces, and sweat.

Health Benefits of Detox Diets

Detox diets are mostly recommended to highly exposed toxic chemicals in the environment or on their diet, which includes pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. Following this diet will help you in curing various health problems like 

  • Obesity
  • Digestive Issues 
  • Autoimmune Disease 
  • Inflammation 
  • Allergies 
  • Bloating 
  • Chronic Fatigue 

Some of the potential benefits of detox diets are 

  • Limited stress 
  • Promotes good sleep 
  • Intake of nutritious foods 
  • Burning excessive fats 
  • Regular exercise and sweating 
  • Effective on weight loss

How to Follow a Detox Diet 

From modifying food habits to total starvation fasting there are so many ways to follow a detox diet. Detox diets mostly involve the following ways

  • Fasting for 1-3 days. 
  • Intake of fresh fruits, veggies, and nutrients. 
  • Drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juices or smoothies.
  • Drinking water and tea.
  • Intake of supplements or herbs.
  • Taking laxatives, colon cleansers, and enemas.
  • Completely avoiding alcohol, coffee, and refined sugar.
  • Eliminating foods that are rich in heavy metals and contaminants.

Most of our bodies are exposed to toxic substances. In order to remove those toxins from our bodies, we follow detox diets. Detox diets don’t remove toxic substances from our bodies. Instead, it helps to vanquish toxins with the help of a healthy diet. You can also follow a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, getting an average of 30 minutes of exercise, having a good night’s sleep, and drinking plenty of water itself removes some of the toxins in your body.