What Is Zoom Fatigue?

Zoom Fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion caused due to over-usage of virtual communication.

How to Get over Zoom Fatigue?

Like other new experiences associated with COVID-19 and pandemic stress, Zoom Fatigue also developed during the pandemic. There are many working people and students who suffer from Zoom Fatigue. Suppose you are one of them; you don’t have to be afraid. Here are some simple tips to get over Zoom Fatigue and to have a productive work-from-home (WFH) routine. 

  • Avoid Multitasking

Research proves that a person who multitasks all the time lack concentration and they are often distracted. So if you are one of them, try to manage your time accordingly. Doing more than one task at a time will result in the substantial mental effort and causes less productivity.

  • Take Breaks in Between 

Yeah, it might be tough to take a break in between those long video calls and conferences. But taking a small break in between will make a huge difference. If you can’t take a long break, you can also take a small 30-second break by giving rest to your eyes. It is advisable to take a break between each call or simply reduce your meetings’ duration.  

  • Turn off Self View 

As humans, we are not used to staring at ourselves for a long time. It is not advisable because staring at ourselves during Zoom call meetings might induce anxiety and make us feel stressed, making us feel exhausted. To reduce your anxiety, you can turn off your self-view. 

  • Shorten Meetings 

Nobody enjoys long meetings. So reducing your meeting hours and splitting them will help you and your co-workers from getting affected by Zoom Fatigue.