Sex drive and libido is the most sensitive and scarcely addressed issue in a relationship. Antidepressants have become a common drug on the shelves of numerous households but like every other drug, these depression medications have side effects too. 

Why Is Sex Drive/ Libido Important?

Relationship advisors, marriage counselors, and sex educators suggest that talking about your partner’s needs in bed is as crucial as learning about one’s feelings. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between “not in the mood today” and “low sex drive/ libido” 

Poor performance in bed can be due to several reasons in normal individuals that are completely alright:

  • Partners have different needs and may take part in an intimate activity in order to not hurt the feelings of their loved ones. 
  • When intercourse has become routine and mundane. 
  • Other external problems not pertaining to your relationship such as relationship issues with family and friends, work pressure, financial deficit, etc.

Can Antidepressants Affect Your Performance in Bed?

Medications and psychiatric interventions are subject to side effects. The extent to which these side effects affect your health especially the sexual health of an individual depends on:

  1. Consumption frequency
  2. Dosage
  3. Genetical response to the medication
  4. Lifestyle 

Seth Norrholm, a translational neuroscientist and expert in stress and trauma disorders says that this is a common concern in men consuming antidepressants and that surveys have shown that 25% -50% of men who consumed medicines for their depression, anxiety, or stress showed no diminished sexual desire or libido.

Talk about your concerns to a psychiatrist to help them create a personalized medication plan for you.

Medication-Induced Sexual Side Effects

Doctors and therapists say that about 70% of their patients seek help for depression, anxiety, insomnia, or stress only after these issues have put their sexual abilities in jeopardy. Sexual side effects caused by mental complications or medication can be:

What to Do If Your Medication Is Affecting Your Sex Life?

Be it men or women, being weak in bed can be daunting. It’s important to know that these side effects are not permanent and there are alternative medications that can reverse your issue. Your doctor can:

  • Prescribe you a lower dosage
  • Prescribe you an alternative drug
  • Prescribe you any other drug like viagra, Cialis, or others
  • Recommend testosterone or other hormone supplements for men
  • Suggest the use of gel or other lubricants and hormone therapy for women

Prolonged dry spells or low libido can affect the quality of your relationship. A decreased sex drive and low stamina always point to underlying mental, emotional, or physical difficulties that are completely treatable.

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