The COVID-19 virus arrived in New Zealand in late February 2020, then, suddenly the government reacted with many safety measures and tough rules. They stated mass testing of the disease, border closure, they maintained full lockdown and 14-day self quarantine for those people coming back home into the country.


Lockdown set by the New Zealand government was remarkable, by following the strategy implemented by the government, the number of daily cases dropped below ten in the mid of April. New Zealand adopted a set of non-pharmaceutical interventions which only aimed to bring COVID-19 incidence to none.       


Later to this success of lowering the positive COVID-19 cases, the government is now facing the daunting task of restarting its economy level. The impact of the pandemic has truly shocked the country’s policy making system, the markets and also the millions of employees and now the government is kickstarting the economic activity level, they have initiated sustainable jobs, laid groundwork for a long term recovery for those affected during the lockdown period. Because of New Zealand’s COVID-19 measures and strategies, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand has been crowned World Champion Covid‐19 Crusher.   


After recording almost more than 1,000 Coronavirus cases in March, their goal is to become virus free soon. Ever since, New Zealand is searching for a steady solution and has also seen a decline in the number of new positive Coronavirus cases. Lowest cases by far have been reported for more than 2 weeks.

Preventing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic was not easy but it has varied markedly between nations. And New Zealand has successfully lowered the risks of positive COVID-19 cases by this time.