It’s almost 7 AM in the morning, you should probably wake up and start doing your daily routine, but did you end up extending your sleep by snoozing your alarm? Don’t feel bad. Not only you, for many of us it’s normal to hit the snooze button while enjoying their cozy sleep in their comfy bed.

 According to the survey, more than one in 3 adults has a habit of snoozing their alarm three times before waking up in the morning. Many adults in their twenties and thirties say that they have a habit of snoozing the alarm every morning. Feeling strange right? Here we have gathered up the simple strategies to help you quit the snoozing habit.

Dr. Reena Mehra, MD, MS,  Director of sleep disorders research says that “Make sure you’re getting seven to eight hours of sufficient sleep and good quality sleep. And if that’s happening — and someone still feels the need to hit that snooze button — then they should probably see their physician to make sure there’s no undiagnosed sleep disorder that could be contributing to their need to hit the snooze.”

How to Stop Snoozing Your Alarm?

One might think that it is not a big deal to snooze the alarm or to extend your sleep for 5 more minutes. But that is not the fact, fighting with your alarm on a daily basis can affect you throughout your entire day. Yes, you might actually feel more tired during your day and lack sleep at night time because of that extra chunk of sleep. For facing such circumstances you can pretend that your phone or alarm clock doesn’t have that snooze button. So how can we break the habit of snoozing your alarm? Follow the following simple steps to stop hitting the snooze button.

  • Concentrate on the reason why you need to wake up earlier.
  • Don’t keep your alarm clock on your nightstand as it is easier to hit the snooze button.
  • Change your alarm clock to one with light as it might help your body to wake up.
  • One of the simplest ways is going to bed earlier. 
  • Get enough sleep, you can also follow some tips to sleep well
  • You can also change your alarm ringtones. 
  • Reframe your mindset as your bedroom is only meant for sleep purposes.

Dr. Mehra says if a person has a habit of snoozing again and again, then it could be an indicator that they are not getting enough sleep or they might have some sleeping disorder that leads to the condition of snoozing your alarm. So, make sure you get enough sleep to avoid snoozing your alarm.