The moment a baby is born, parents focus on good nutrition, hygiene, and proper health. Similarly, as they grow, you must realize the importance of their mental and emotional health. Parents should provide opportunities for them to engage in activities that make them happy. It’s your responsibility to raise happy kids and establish healthy well-being. 

Happy Kids are Healthy Kids

They Laugh More

Happy kids laugh more and it is very good for the body. When kids laugh, the body takes in more oxygen which works as a natural detoxifier. They release endorphins (feel-good hormones) every time they burst out laughing. It combats the negative effects and boosts immunity. 

They Sleep Better

Happy kids sleep peacefully. They sleep for a long time and their body naturally repairs any damaged cells or tissues. 

They have a Healthy Lifestyle

Parents who raise happy kids teach good eating habits. Happy kids have good self-esteem. They have a positive outlook towards life. They spend a lot of time outdoors and tend to be happier than the ones who spend time indoors. 

They are Physically Active

Happy kids are always enthusiastic and creative. They explore places and are very spontaneous. The brain releases dopamine when kids engage in activities that make them happy. Active kids are physically fit and emotionally toned. 

Things Parents Need to Know to Raise Happy Kids

Outdoor Play

Running on the grass, watching wildlife, climbing trees, or digging in the sand is good for kids. Studies suggest that playing outdoors can boost your child’s mood. The smell of pine trees, cut grass, and lavender from the garden are so good for your kids. You can encourage your kids to read a book outside or watch birds outside to get an instant boost of happiness. 

Establish Clear Limits on Screen Time

Endless hours of video games and mobile phones do not make them happy. It is bad for your kid’s psychological well-being. Set clear limits because non-screen activities make them happier. 

Do Not Have High Expectations

Do not force your kids to spend hours studying for a test or practising a skill. Kids are likely to live happier lives if you don’t have a high expectation of them. Ensure your expectations are reasonable. 

Eat Dinner Together

Family meals promote good health and happiness. You can make your kids happy by eating together. If you can’t manage a family meal every night, plan them at least once a week. 

Praise Your Kids

Kids are happy when they receive appreciation. Praise them for being creative, for their hard work and for everything good they do. They tend to be happy which makes them mentally strong to face all odds. 

Listen to Your Kids

Small things can make a huge impact. Listen to your kid’s needs and engage them with small activities. Raise independent kids and allow them to do things on their own. Always positively talk to them because they observe a lot from you. 

Teach Them Different Emotions

Do not try to cheer your kids when they are sad or uncomfortable. Teach them to accept and find ways to soothe themselves. Kids should learn to handle their emotions healthily. The best thing you can do to help kids is to give them safe and a loving environment. 

Spend Enough Time Together

If you want to raise happy kids, you need to dedicate your time to them. It’s a win-win for both parents and kids. Put away the devices and engage in conversation or games. When you spend time together, you will feel sensible and feel healthy and happy. 

Enjoy parenting and reap the benefits of happier and healthier days.