Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet, and it acts as fuel to your body. But remember, not all carbs are bad for your health. The carbohydrates present in plants are good carbs, and it also promotes a healthy digestive system and metabolism. The carbs in processed foods and beverages are called bad carbs. Many say complex carbs are better than simple carbs. Is it true? Let’s get to know in detail about the list of good carbs and bad carbs foods. 

Carbohydrates are classified into two categories: Simple and complex 

Simple Carbs

As the name suggests, simple carbs are made up of one of two sugar molecules. Foods that contain simple carbs can be digested quickly. Simple carbs will not give you the feeling of fullness, so it leads to overeating, weight gain, high pressure, and diabetes. As complex carbs take time to break down, they are called good carbs. 

Soda, cookies, fruit juices, cereals, and other baked items are some of the simple carbs you should avoid. 

Complex Carbs

Complex carbs are made with nutritional layers, so it’s difficult to digest. They are mostly found in foods that are rich in fibers and starch. It also makes you feel full, so it’s the best option for weight loss. 

Beans, barley, potatoes, oatmeals, and beans are some of the examples of complex carbs

How to Choose a Healthy Source of Carbs?

Both carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet. Carbohydrates are present in both healthy and unhealthy food. Before choosing the right carbohydrates, get to know the three main types of carbohydrates-

Sugar- It is the simplest form of carbs, and it occurs naturally in food like fruits, vegetables, and milk. Fructose, sucrose, and lactose are the types of sugar present in carbohydrates. 

Starch- It is made up of many sugar units, so it is called a complex carbohydrate. It is found in vegetables, beans, peas, and grains. 

Fibers- It is also a complex carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. Most of the carbohydrates break into sugar molecules, except fibers. Eating fiber is important, and it helps to keep hunger at bay. 

List of Good Carbs-

Here are the foods that are rich in carbs 

  1. Vegetables- Broccoli, carrots, corn, sweet potato, and beetroot.  
  2. Whole fruits- Bananas, apples, mangos, and pineapple. 
  3. Nuts- Hazelnut, walnut, almonds, peanut, and macadamia. 
  4. Seeds- Quinoa seeds, pumpkin, and chia seeds. 
  5. Whole grains- oats, quinoa, white rice, and brown rice. 
  6. Tubers- potatoes

Simple carbohydrates contain less nutritional value so make sure to intake more healthy complex carbs.